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Zurich Zoological Garden
Zurich Zoological Garden

Zurich Zoological Garden

Distance from Zurich Airport: 12.3km

The Zurich Zoological Garden is located just over four miles from the Zurich Airport. It holds over 2,000 different animals. The zoo contains a number of simulated habitats for the animals including a Himalayan exhibit. Visitors can also follow a trail through an 118,000 square foot tropical area showcasing jungle plants and trees. A very popular attraction is the parade of penguins that occurs on days below a certain temperature. The zoo contains a restaurant and is accessible by public transportation.

Anthropological Institute and Museum

Distance from Zurich Airport: 7.8km

The Anthropological Institute and Museum is just over three miles from the airport in Zurich. The main exhibitions revolve around anthropology and evolution. It has a number of interesting areas each detailing the similarities and differences between the different evolutionary periods. The museum takes a scientific approach to the displays that could confuse very small children. The museum sometimes hosts traveling special exhibits dealing with anthropology and related topics.

The Kunsthalle Zurich

Distance from Zurich Airport: 10.9km

The Kunsthalle Zurich is an art museum located near the center of the city. It is just over 10 minutes away from the airport and is easily accessible on public transportation. The museum contains contemporary work from around the world. This includes permanent and traveling exhibits. Guided tours are available although they are mostly given in German. Adventurous families can take part in hands-on workshops during selected days of the week.


Distance from Zurich Airport: 11.2km

Kaferberg is a scenic landmark just a few miles from the airport. It is actually the summit of a mountain. Visitors can get to Kaferberg by tram or any number of other public transport routes including local buses. Kaferberg provides a unique view of Zurich and the surrounding areas. Travelers will find a number of restaurants and resorts on the summit. The restaurants mostly have panoramic and unobstructed views of the city below and the nearby valley. The area offers a relaxing and scenic outdoor place to spend some time.

Great Minster Church
Great Minster Church

Great Minster Church

Distance from Zurich Airport: 11.7km

The Great Minster Church is a historic landmark in Zurich. The two tall spires are one of the most common symbols of the city. The church was completed in the 12th century. It became a crucial location during the Swiss-German reformation movement. The church has a museum and gallery attached displaying artifacts from the past few centuries. Visitors can attend services or a musical performance during certain parts of the year. The spires are usually open to the public and can be climbed to get a good view of the city.

Swiss National Museum

Distance from Zurich Airport: 11.9km

The Swiss National Museum is located on spacious landscaped ground between two rivers. The architecture of the museum creates many quiet courtyards. Visitors will also notice high towers. The museum itself contains a complete history of the area and some of wider Europe in a number of displays. The museum has exhibits dealing with prehistoric people, the Middle Ages and modern times. It includes armory displays, artwork and pieces of historic furniture. The museum is regularly home to special exhibits highlighting different aspects of Switzerland. The museum is accessible by public transportation and through boats on the Limmat River.