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    Wichita Mid-Continent Airport: 2299 S Airport Rd, Wichita, KS 67209

United Airlines is the busiest commercial carrier at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. The airline operates its mainline service from Wichita to Denver International Airport. In fact, the airline is responsible for carrying a significant percentage of the 148,000 total passengers who fly from Wichita to Denver each year. United also provides popular flights through its United Express program. ExpressJet operates United Express flights to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, Denver International Airport and Houston Intercontinental Airport. Republic Airlines and SkyWest Airlines also provide non-stop passenger service from Wichita to Denver through the United Express program. The airline flies 59,000 passengers to Houston, Texas, each year, making it the fifth most popular destination for travelers flying from Wichita.

United operates flights to Chicago and Denver from Gate 10, which is located in the airport’s West Concourse. The airline’s flights to Houston are operated from Gate 3, which is located in the East Concourse. United Airlines flights to Chicago, Denver, and Houston are served by five daily departures apiece.

Allegiant Air is another popular carrier that operates out of Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. The low-cost carrier features a popular non-stop flight to Las Vegas, Nevada that runs on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. The route from Wichita to Las Vegas is the seventh most popular route from Wichita, and it is served solely by Allegiant Air. Approximately 35,000 passengers travel on this route each year. The airline also provides service to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona. This route represents the eighth most popular route from Wichita by serving approximately 18,000 total passengers on an annual basis. Allegiant Air operates the Wichita to Mesa route Monday through Friday. All Allegiant Air flights depart from Gate 6, which is located in the airport’s East Concourse.

American Airlines operates out of Gate 5 in the East Concourse at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. American’s mainline service offers flights to Dallas/Fort Worth, while the American Eagle program provides passengers with flights to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. The airline provides these non-stop flights with four daily departures apiece. The airline is the sole operator of flights to Dallas/Fort Worth from Wichita. This route is the third most popular at the airport, and it serves 127,000 passengers each year.

Delta Airlines offers service to its hub in Atlanta Georgia through its mainline service. It also provides passengers with flight options to Minneapolis/St. Paul through the Delta Connection program. Delta Connection flights are operated by ExpressJet and SkyWest Airlines. Delta flights to Atlanta depart from Gate 4, while flights to Minneapolis/St. Paul depart from Gate 2.