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    Wellington International Airport: Stewart Duff Dr, Rongotai, Wellington 6022, New Zealand

Wellington International Airport’s most popular airlines offer more than 1,200 flights each week to destinations located in the British Commonwealth. Here is a quick preview of these airlines’ services that can help you plan your next trip to some of the British Commonwealth’s most popular destinations effortlessly.

Air New Zealand:
Air New Zealand is one of the largest individual airlines that offers flights at Wellington International Airport. It offers over 400 flights each week to popular destinations including Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown, Nadi International Airport, Melbourne, and Sydney. At least half of these flights offer non-stop service, hearty meals and Wi-Fi Internet service that can help you travel comfortably to Austrasia’s most popular destinations.

Air New Zealand Link
Air New Zealand Link is a group of airlines that pool their resources together to offer over 450 commuter flights to over 40 destinations located in New Zealand. Nearly all of these flights are offered between 9 a.m.-8 p.m. to help travelers make connections to flights that travel to Australia, China, and Japan.

Some of the airlines that offer flights under the Air New Zealand Link banner include Air Nelson and Eagle Airways. Another airline that offers these flights is Mount Cook Airlines.

Some of the Air New Zealand Link group’s most popular destinations include New Zealand’s most popular transportation hubs including Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Hamilton. Other popular destinations include popular New Zealand vacation destinations including Nelson and Queenstown.

The Air New Zealand Link Group offers travelers extensive lunch and dinner menus that feature traditional British and Western European dishes. Travelers can request a current menu by visiting one of the Air New Zealand Link Groups welcome centers located west of Wellington Airport’s main entrance.

Qantas Airways
Quantas Airways is one of Wellington International Airport’s flagship airlines. As a result, it operates one of New Zealand’s largest aircraft maintenance yards south of the airport’s International Pier. It also operates a shuttle service that can help you travel to and from the airport’s rental car centers efficiently.

Quantas Airways currently offers over 100 flights each day to popular Australian destinations including Melbourne and Sydney. At least 60 of these flights offer travelers a flexible afternoon schedule that can help you connect with fights that leave Australia’s largest airports.

Quantas Airways operates several customer service centers located at Wellington International Airport’s International Pier, South Pier, and Southwest Pier. Be sure to visit these customer service centers to obtain useful maps, flight schedules and customs information that can help you save time while traveling to New Zealand’s most popular destinations.