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Many of the hotels near Vilnius Airport have many interesting attractions to see that are found nearby. Take a look at some of these fun attractions.

Church of St. Anne
Church of St. Anne

Church of St Anne

Distance from Vilnius Airport: 6.8 km

The decorative brick towers and spires of this late-Gothic fantasia were finished in 1501, but much of the original stained glass was destroyed by Napoleon’s troops when they were stationed here. At night the Church of St Anne is eerily floodlit.

Vilnius University

Distance from Vilnius Airport: 7.7 km

Vilnius University is Eastern Europe’s oldest university and was founded in 1579. It is based around a series of leafy courtyards off University to surrounded by magnificent stucco buildings – perfect for a lunchtime pit-stop in the sun.

Higher Castle

Distance from Vilnius Airport: 5.2 km

Vilnius’ 14th-century, hexagonal Higher Castle can be reached by funicular and affords great views across the Old Town. Be careful climbing the final 78 precarious steps to the viewing platform. Inside there’s a small museum of weapons and armory.

Down below is the Lower Castle, which came to prominence some two centuries later, an Italian-style palace with four wings surrounding an inner courtyard. Now part of the Lithuanian National Museum, visitors here can discover more about the country’s history.

Gates of Dawn

Distance from Vilnius Airport: 5.3 km

Gates of Dawn – is the only surviving of the ten original gates in the town wall. It was built in 1514 as a three-story Renaissance tower, complete with a drawbridge over a moat on the outside.

Inside the gate there was a wooden chapel, which was replaced in 1829 with a more permanent stone chapel in classical style. The chapel is home to a famous icon, The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Mercy – dating from the early 17th century – which is said to have miraculous powers.

Television Tower

Distance from Vilnius Airport: 8.9 km

In the heart of Soviet-built Karolinikes, the Television Tower rises 165m, providing unequalled views on a clear day across Vilnius to Belarus from the viewing platform. The Milky Way restaurant revolves slowly on the 55th floor.

Lithuanian National Museum
Lithuanian National Museum

Lithuanian National Museum

Distance from Vilnius Airport: 7.5 km

Housed in the New Arsenal of Vilnius Castle, The Lithuanian National Museum’s exhibits include national costumes, Egyptian mummies and Japanese swords. A display celebrating Lithuania’s millennium in 2009 whizzes through 1,000 years of history, housing agricultural implements and portraits.

With just short of one million exhibits, the Lithuanian National Museum is by far the biggest museum of its kind in the country. It explores both the history and ethnography of this, the southernmost of the three Baltic states and arranges archaeological digs and restoration of finds from across the country. More than a quarter of a million visit each year, while close by in the restored Old Arsenal is the Museum of Applied Arts, which is also worth a look.

Vilnius Cathedral

Distance from Vilnius Airport: 7.2 km

Behind the elegant colonnaded façade, Vilnius Cathedral in the Old Town houses fine frescoes and paintings, plus the ornate baroque chapel of St Casimir. It burnt down several times during its 800-year history and became a garage under Soviet occupation.

With a church history dating back to the baptism of Grand Duke Mindaugas in 1251 (with an earlier pagan temple on the site before that), Vilnius’ Cathedral of St Stanislaus and St Vladislaus suffered various fires and repairs until Laurynas Stuoka-Gucevicius was commissioned to rebuild it in the late-18th-century by Bishop Ignacy Massalski. In 1950 the Soviets closed it and even destroyed some statues, but by the 1980s it was being restored and in 1990 it was returned to the Catholic Church. As well as its separate bell tower at the front, visit the museum in the crypt.

Contemporary Art Centre

Distance from Vilnius Airport: 5.7 km

The Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius, affectionately known as CAC, presents a range of local and international contemporary art exhibitions, conferences, lectures, film screenings and musical evenings.

Established in 1992, CAC also houses an impressive INFO LAB, where the public can access journals, books, videos, CDs, DVDs and the internet for research material, or their own pleasure.

The gallery is the largest venue for contemporary art in the Baltic States, staging six large-scale exhibition projects every year. For details of current exhibitions and events, please visit the CAC website.