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    Victoria International Airport
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    Victoria International Airport: 1640 Electra Blvd, Sidney, BC V8L 5V4, Canada

Victoria International Airport provides regional air service to the region of Victoria, British Columbia in western Canada. It does not serve as a hub for any air carrier but does provide a number of airlines with facilities.

Flair Airlines serves the largest number of permanent destinations from Victoria International Airport. The airline provides service on a charter basis with flights limited to about twice per week to places like Kelowna and Vancouver in British Columbia. The charter service also provides season holiday charter services to the Caribbean and Mexico with a fleet of about five Boeing 737 aircraft.

Island Express Air uses a fleet of small propeller driven aircraft to serve the islands off the British Colombian cost. The aircraft commonly are capable of handling less than 10 passengers. Island Express Air uses these small craft to carry both passengers and light airfreight on both scheduled runs and charter service. The airline serves a niche market that is too small for any of the larger carriers to consider serving.

Two airlines provide service to the United States. Passengers arriving on Alaska Airlines from Seattle or San Francisco on United Express can clear customs at Victoria International Airport. The two American flagged airlines both use the flights to feed passengers into their own hub network with connections to the rest of the world.

Air Canada operates a similar service on a domestic basis. The airline operates feeder flights from Victoria International Airport to its hub at Toronto. Air Canada is the flag carrier airline for the country operating about 350 aircraft of various sizes. The airline has a long history. The original organization was a subsidiary of the government operated Canadian National Railway. Over the years, the airline has expanded and modernized and was sold to private investors in 1988.

A number of air carriers provide seasonal charter service from Victoria International Airport. Most of these charter airlines schedule flights during the winter to warmer locations in Mexico, the Caribbean, and even the southern United States. Sunwing Airlines is one of the larger of these vacation operators utilizing Victoria International Airport. The carrier operates about 25 Boeing 737 aircraft and lists about 75 destinations. Although most, including Victoria International Airport, receive service only during a limited winter period and not on a regularly scheduled basis.