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From museums to shopping centers, there are several things for you to do near the Trenton-Mercer Airport. You might be waiting on a flight to leave or for a flight to land with a family member or friend. During that time, you can visit one of the attractions in the area.

Old Barracks Museum
Old Barracks Museum

Old Barracks Museum

Distance from Trenton-Mercer Airport: 5.5mi

This is the old location of the British Army barracks. It is rich in history and worth the time that it takes to tour the area. There are tours through the barracks, and this is the best way to go if you are on a time limit or if you want to get the important details.

New Jersey State Museum

Distance from Trenton-Mercer Airport: 5.1mi

This is a place where you can see a little bit of everything. This is a large facility with exhibits from the world of science, history and art. It is perfect for children who are just starting to learn about these areas. It is best to go during the day because the lack of windows on the building makes it seem darker on the inside.

Grounds for Sculpture Art Park

Distance from Trenton-Mercer Airport: 12.0mi

If you enjoy being outside while looking at natural exhibits as well as sculptures made by local people, then this is the ideal place to visit. Walk through 22 acres of beauty that blends together. There are poetry readings through the week, music events and art exhibitions. If it is raining, you can tour the indoor exhibits. After you look at the exhibits, you can get something to eat at the small cafeteria.

Clara Barton Schoolhouse
Clara Barton Schoolhouse

Clara Barton Schoolhouse

Distance from Trenton-Mercer Airport: 19.0mi

Take a step back in time to learn about how students went to school. There is a large room where desks are set up, a chalkboard is on the wall, and you can see some of the papers that students might have worked on while in class. Tours are offered, and school groups are encouraged.

Delmor Bowling Lanes

Distance from Trenton-Mercer Airport: 6.0mi

Make a strike at this popular bowling alley. There is a restaurant and arcade that is sure to pass the time while waiting on a flight. The alley hosts birthday parties, and it is open late at night for those who want to bowl under neon lights.

Kids Towne

Distance from Trenton-Mercer Airport: 10.9mi

Children are sure to enjoy the fun that this attraction offers. It is a building with laser tag, a laser maze and climbing wall. There are also six rooms where children can explore different exhibits. The attraction is recommended for everyone in the family including toddlers and teenagers.

Sesame Place

Distance from Trenton-Mercer Airport: 9.6mi

If you have ever wanted to know how to get to Sesame Street, then this is where you will find the answer. There are games and small rides with the fun television show theme. Over 12 water rides await families, and you can dance in Elmo’s World.