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    Ben Gurion Airport: Tel Aviv, Israel

Serving as an important gateway into Israel’s largest city, Ben Gurion International Airport is the main base for El Al. Israel’s national airline connects the city of Tel Aviv with more than 30 other major cities in multiple continents. Although it is considered a major Middle Eastern airlines, El Al actually does not offer any direct flights into neighboring countries because of the limited diplomatic relations between Israel and the Arab World. Nevertheless, El Al links Tel Aviv with capital European cities like Athens, Berlin, Budapest, London, Madrid, Prague, Paris, Rome and Vienna.

El Al also operates long haul flights across the Atlantic Ocean and into North America. Offering direct flights to Newark Liberty International Airport and JFK Airport, the Israeli airline lands at two of three major airports serving New York City. Los Angeles International Airport, one of the busiest airports on the west coast of the United States, is also listed under the El Al international service. Israeli passengers can also use their country’s national airline to land in Toronto, which is Canada’s largest city. Beijing, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, and Moscow are other non-European destinations that are part of the long distance El Al service. You can find the Israeli flag on the El Al Boeing fleet that waits near Terminal 3 at Ben Gurion International Airport.

Israel’s main international airport is also a hub for some of Israel’s other major airlines. Arkia Israel Airlines offers year round trips to diverse European locations like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Kiev, Munich, Rome and Paris. Israel’s second largest carrier is also a popular option for getting to resorts in the nearby Mediterranean Sea. Arkia Israeli Airlines takes Israeli tourists to several Greek islands like Crete, Kos, Mykonos, Rhodes, Paphos, and Santorini. Additionally, this major airline offers domestic service to Ovda and Eilat, southern Israel’s popular resort town along the Red Sea.

Israir and Sun d’Or are the two other Israeli airlines serving Ben Gurion International Airport. Both carriers offer scheduled flights to various destinations within Europe and seasonal trips to resorts in southern Europe and the Mediterranean vicinity.

Ben Gurion International Airport is served by more than a dozen European airline companies including Air France, British Airways, Czech Airlines, Lufthansa, and Scandinavian Airlines. Non-European airlines serving Tel Aviv are mostly from North America, Russia, former Soviet Republics, and Asia. Most of the airlines use Terminal 3 at Ben Gurion International Airport. Terminal 1 is mostly dedicated only for domestic flights and several European carriers like EasyJet and Jet2.