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Many of these featured attractions are found close to hotels near the Taipei Airport.

National Theatre
National Theatre

National Theatre

Distance from Taipei Airport: 41.4 km

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, 21 Chungshan Road, Taipei
Tel: +886 2 234 31100
The National Theatre is one of two buildings, which compose the National Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Center. Demonstrating the artistic concepts of classical Chinese architecture, The National Theatre is modeled on the beautiful palace Ta-ho Hall. The dazzling theatre offers celebrated opera and theatre performances year-round.

National Museum of History

Distance from Taipei Airport: 42.3 km

49 Nanhai Road, Taipei
Tel: +886 2 236 10270
A fine collection of artifacts and art are displayed in this museum, which is within the splendid Botanical Gardens of Taipei. The museum offers a variety of exhibits that provide an understanding of the culture and history of China.

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Distance from Taipei Airport: 46.8 km

505, Jen Ai Road, Sec. 4, Taipei
Tel: +886 2 270 22411
The Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall is an interesting place for history buffs as it is stocked with many photographs taken during the early part of the twentieth century in mainland China.

National Palace Museum
National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum

Distance from Taipei Airport: 46.2 km

221 Chihshan Road, Taipei
Tel: +886 2 288 12021
This renowned museum contains an extensive collection of 700,000 items that illustrate the culture and tradition of China. The internationally acclaimed collection of Chinese artefacts is the world’s largest and spans 7,000 years of Chinese history. Exhibits display paintings, historical relics, calligraphy, books and documents, jades, woodcarvings, bronzes, and more.

CKS Memorial Hall

Distance from Taipei Airport: 42.3 km

21 Chuang Shan S. Road, Taipei
Tel: +886 2 234 31100
A stately 76 metre-high tower on a triple-decked platform, with a double roof of blue glazed tiles.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Distance from Taipei Airport: 42.5 km

181 Chuang Shan N. Road, Section 3, Taipei
Tel: +886 2 259 57656
Taipei’s foremost contemporary arts museum.

Fort San Domingo

Distance from Taipei Airport: 45 km

1 Lane 28 Jungijeng Road, Danshuei, Taipei
Tel: +886 2 262 31001
This is Danshuei’s most prominent monument to foreign involvement in Taiwan.

Confucius Temple

Distance from Taipei Airport: 39.7 km

275 Talung Street, Taipei
The first Confucius temple built on the island in 1665.

Yangmingshan National Park

Distance from Taipei Airport: 52.1 km

Peitou District, Taipei
Tel: +886 2 286 13601
The wonderful natural environment of Yangmingshan National Park offers picnic and recreation facilities, endless hiking trails, and breathtaking views. Waterfalls, lakes, hot springs, and volcanic craters create unforgettable surroundings, where people come to relax and escape the city. Monkeys, wild boar, numerous reptiles, and 150 species of butterflies are amongst the variety of wildlife contained in the park’s 11,000 hectares (27,500 acres).

Snake Alley

Distance from Taipei Airport: 43 km

Huahsi Street, Taipei
This is a lively, vibrant night market where visitors are enchanted or disgusted. Snake Alley reflects an intriguing aspect of Taiwanese culture, as vendors tease live cobras before preparing them to be eaten. The action begins at 7:00 in the evening.