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Stuttgart Airport
Stuttgart Airport


Stuttgart Airport is located just outside the town of Stuttgart on approximately 965 acres. It is one of the busiest airport in Germany. The airport is well-connected to Stuttgart and the surrounding area via a variety of public transportation networks. In recent years, the Stuttgart Trade Fair, one of the largest exhibition centers in the country, relocated to an area adjacent to the airport. As a result, the profile of the airport has been raised significantly.

History of Stuttgart Airport

This airport was originally constructed in 1939 in order to replace the former Boblingen airport. The airport was taken over by the United States Air Force in 1945. It was finally returned to German authorities in 1948. Throughout the Cold War, the airport’s facilities and runway were actually shared with the U.S. Army. During this time, the United States Army operated helicopters and other aircraft on an airfield near the southern part of Stuttgart Airport. A small helicopter base is still maintained by the U.S. Army at the airport. The helicopter wing of the Baden-Wurttenberg State Police shares the helicopter base with the U.S. Army.

Following World War II, the airport saw significant expansions, including an extension of the runway. The runway was also extended again in 1961 as well as in 1996. The airport’s original terminal, constructed in 1938, was replaced in 2004. Stuttgart Airport now claims four terminals and is capable of handling 12 million passengers. Approximately 400 take-offs and landings are serviced at Stuttgart Airport each day. More than nine million passengers make their way through this airport on an annual basis. As a result, Stuttgart is one of the top forty busiest airports in Europe.


The airport’s four terminals handle both domestic and international flights. Each of the terminals are located near one another and are within easy walking distance of one another. A linear corridor links each of the airport’s four terminals. Terminal 2 is only responsible for departures, while Terminals 1, 3, and 4 are responsible for handling departures as well as arrivals. Although Stuttgart Airport only has one runway, efficient handling ensures flights arrive and depart in a smooth manner. Airport information counters are located on the third levels of Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. A central information desk staffed by multilingual employees is also located on Level 2 of Terminal 3. In addition, visitors will find self-help information booths situated in each of the terminals. Each of these booths features courtesy telephones that are linked to the central information desk.

Stuttgart Airport has received a number of architectural awards. As a result, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful airports in Europe.

Parking at the Airport

Ample parking facilities are provided at Stuttgart Airport for travelers who wish to drive their vehicle and park at the airport or for visitors who need to pick up arriving travelers at the airport. Both long-term and short-term parking is available in parking lots P0-P12. Parking Lot P26 is specifically reserved for larger vehicles. Tourist parking is also available at the airport.