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    Stockholm Bromma Airport: Ulvsundavägen, 168 67 Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Bromma International Airport
Stockholm Bromma International Airport


Stockholm Bromma International Airport is about 8 miles from the center of Stockholm, Sweden.

History of Stockholm Bromma Airport

In the 1930s, the leaders of Stockholm recognized the need for an airport that served the capital of Sweden. The decision was made to purchase land on the outskirts of the city. After the land was purchased and building started quickly.

In 1936, the airport in Stockholm officially opened with great celebration. King Gustav V was in attendance at the celebration. The Stockholm Bromma International Airport was the first airport in Europe to have paved runways. It became a convenient way of transportation to England during the war effort against the Germans during World War II. In fact, a number of Danish and Norwegian refugees flew out of the Bromma Airport to get to England.

After World War II ended, the airport received two major carries that used the airport. They were Aktiebolaget Aerotransport and Linjeflyg. However, during the 1960s, it was recognized that the runways at the airport were not long enough for modern day airliners. The result of that realization was another airport was built in Stockholm. It is the Stockholm Arlanda Airport. After it opened, Stockholm Bromma International Airport lost all of the international air traffic that it received.

In 1983, domestic flights left for the same airport. Over time, the Stockholm Bromma Airport became known for general aviation and it was a place that the Swedish government used for air traffic. However, Malmo Aviation began to use the airport as a hub. The result of this is that Stockholm Bromma International Airport began to grow again. Aviation buildings were upgraded and passengers started to come back to the airport. International and domestic flights arrived and departed at the airport.

Airport Facilities

A new General Aviation terminal was built in 2004 to better serve passengers. There are eight gates at Stockholm Bromma International Airport. All gates are located at Departure Hall. The terminal has an open area of restaurants and shops before going through security, thus enabling travelers and their loved ones to spend more time together before boarding the plane.

When Stockholm Bromma International Airport opened back in 1936, the area around it was largely undeveloped and far away from the city. Over the years, the area has developed into housing and commercial development. The result of this is that the neighborhoods surrounding the airport have made their concerns known about the noise that is being produced by the airplanes. The airport responded by limiting the amount of air traffic, which uses the airport on a daily basis. Aircraft that do use the airport are under strict guidelines with the amount of noise they produce. In addition to this, a number of houses in the surrounding neighborhoods have been soundproofed.

Airport Parking

There are a number of parking options at Stockholm Bromma International Airport. Folks who are looking for a great option for parking their vehicle for a brief amount of time can find it at Short-Term Parking. This parking area is close to the main terminal and is conveniently located. Long-Term Parking is a terrific parking choice for travelers who are seeking to find a great place to park their vehicles. Like Short-Term Parking, Long-Term Parking is close to the airport. Parking rates at both parking areas are competitively priced.