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    Stockholm Bromma Airport: Ulvsundav├Ągen, 168 67 Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Bromma International Airport is an important place for those who visit the Swedish capital. Once the city’s principal airport, Bromma continues to serve as a major destination and departure point for passengers traveling within Sweden and between Stockholm and cities in other countries.

In 2011, Stockholm Bromma Airport served more than 2 million passengers, some 90 percent of whom were Swedish domestic travelers. Nearly half of the passengers served by the airport were flying between Stockholm and two other Swedish cities, Malmo and Gothenberg. All but one of the busiest 10 routes from Bromma were also to locations in Sweden, the sole international point being Brussels, Belgium.

The largest number of flights to and from the airport are conducted by Malmo Aviation, which considers Bromma the hub of its route structure. In addition to serving Malmo and Gothenberg, the airline connects Bromma with the Swedish city of Umea. The Malmo Aviation office can easily be found at the airport because of its location directly inside the entrance to the terminal building. The Swedish carrier Golden Air conducts from its hub at Bromma domestic routes to Angelholm, Halmstad, Harnosand, Ronneby, Sundsvall, Trollhattan, and Visby. The Swedish carrier NextJet has a hub at Bromma, from where it also flies to and from Visby. Additionally, the carrier connects Stockholm with the Swedish communities of Kalmar, Ostersund, and Vaxjo. The town of Jonkoping is also served from Bromma by another Swedish carrier, Flyglinjen. The two other Swedish companies that operate domestic routes from Bromma are Rauk Air, which flies to Bunge, and Sweden Airways, which connects with Palanga.

There are a few foreign carriers that connect the airport with locations in other countries. The Belgian company Brussels Airlines flies between Bromma and Brussels, Belgium. Sun Air Scandinavia, based in Denmark, has routes to the Danish communities of Aarhus and Billund. The Finnish company Flybe Nordic flies between Bromma and Helsinki, Finland; Oslo, Norway; and Tallinn, Estonia. Bromma may not be the biggest airport in Sweden, but it’s certainly a busy one.