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Vasamuseet (Vasa Museum)

Distance from Stockholm Arlanda Airport: 42.7 km

Sweden’s most visited museum enshrines the warship Vasa, sunk on her maiden voyage in 1628 inside Stockholm harbour. The ship was built to the order of the great Vasa king Gustavus Adolphus and was the most powerful war galleon of her age. She was raised whole from the harbour bed in 1961, over 330 years after she had last seen the light.
Galarvarvsvagen 14
Tel: (08) 51 95 48 00. Fax: (08) 51 95 48 88.


Stadshuset (City Hall)

Distance from Stockholm Arlanda Airport: 44.5 km

Voted the country’s finest building by the Swedes, Stockholm’s City Hall was begun in 1911 to an Art Nouveau design by Ragnar Östberg.
Hantverkargatan 1
Tel: (08) 50 82 90 58. Fax: (08) 50 82 90 22.
Transport: Five-minute walk from Central Station.

Kungliga Slottet (Royal Palace)

Distance from Stockholm Arlanda Airport: 41.9 km

Situated in the heart of Stockholm on the central island of Riddarholmen, the Royal Palace is the official residence of the monarchs of Sweden and the chief venue for official state events. With 608 rooms, it is among the largest surviving palaces in Europe.
Tel: (08) 402 6130. Fax: (08) 402 6062.

Statens Historiska Museet

Distance from Stockholm Arlanda Airport: 42 km

(Museum of National Antiquities)
Sweden’s national historical museum, which traces the nation’s history from prehistoric times to the present day, is now graced by a spectacular Gold Room, which houses the gold of the Viking chiefs. These hoards, recovered from tombs or hiding places, show Scandinavian Viking culture at its most prosperous and magnificent. There is also one of the finest European collections of medieval painted wooden religious sculpture.
Narvargen 13-17
Tel: (08) 51 95 56 00. Fax: (08) 51 95 56 03.

Strindbergsmuseet (Strindberg Museum)

Distance from Stockholm Arlanda Airport: 40.2 km

Stockholm’s most famous cultural figure has his temple here. The Blå Tornet (Blue Tower) was August Strindberg’s last home from 1908 until his death in 1912 and his apartment and library have been preserved in their original state. An exhibition showcases his last works, written on the premises. The museum, which also hosts temporary exhibitions and plays, is furnished in a strikingly spare Nordic Art Nouveau style.
Drottninggatan 85
Tel: (08) 411 5354. Fax: (08) 411 0141.