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    Stockholm Arlanda Airport: Swedavia Arlanda Airport, 190 45 Stockholm-arlanda, Sweden

Stockholm Arlanda Airport
Stockholm Arlanda Airport


Less than 40 kilometers from Stockholm near the town of Marsta in Sweden, this modern international airport has a main building constructed in the early 2000s. The airport sees over 19,000,000 passengers every year and serves the cities of Uppsala and Stockholm. With three runways and one of them well over 3,000 meters long, the Stockholm Arlanda Airport is Sweden’s largest airport facility.

History of Stockholm Arlanda Airport

In the late 1950s, this airport was first used for practice flights. The name chosen from a competition comes from the old familiar name for the local parish, Arlanda. By 1960, intercontinental flights arrived and departed as well as Pan American flights.


Stockholm Arlanda Airport has 4 different terminals. They are numbered 2-5. Terminals 3 and 4 are for domestic flights while 2 and 5 are used for international flights. Terminal 5 is the largest and principle terminal. Begun in the mid-1970s, this terminal has expanded to include 3 piers with over 30 parking stands and bridges for passengers. Remote parking spots are also added to these piers. Besides the international flights, Terminal 5 handles chartered flights.

Terminals 2-4 are smaller. Terminal 2 has 8 bridges for passengers and parking spots for airplanes. Terminal 3 was constructed in 1990 especially for domestic flights. At this terminal, passengers walk out and climb stairs into parked aircraft. Then, Terminal 4 was first used in 1983, and it has always served domestic flights.


The parking area is designed so that all passengers have quick and easy access to the terminal from which they will board their flights. All the car parking areas have surveillance cameras and security people for customer safety. The long-term parking lot has a fence around it. Parking personnel are always patrolling the parking areas, and they as well as customer service are ready to assist customers in any way they can.

Airport Operations

Because of the long and snowy winter months that the local region experiences, the Stockholm Arlanda Airport uses safety and high-tech equipment and methods to keep their airport functioning and continue flight operations. The methods, equipment and technology used at this airport is state-of-the-art. The airport leads the world in snow clearing and cold-weather flight and landing. When snow is falling, the runways and aircraft are continuously cleared.

Of course for passenger safety, flights are delayed when snowfall is heavy. Experience helps the authorities and personnel at the airport to gauge the weather carefully, and postpone flights until conditions are safe. The pilots of the aircraft make the final judgement calls, and they will take the proper precautions.

Manpower as well as technology helps to make flying safe. Extra workers come in to work at the airport during the winter season. These workers do the clearing off aircraft and runways. Teams of sweepers are directed via radio from the traffic controller tower.

The safety of passengers is the business of the airport and the individual airlines. The airport complex includes aircraft hangers for maintenance of the jet planes when needed. Mostly, these facilities are devoted to specific airline companies, and they are equipped with all the latest and best technology and tools.