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    Springfield-Branson National Airport
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    Springfield-Branson National Airport: 2300 N Airport Blvd, Springfield, MO 65802

Springfield-Branson Regional Airport
Springfield-Branson Regional Airport


Springfield-Branson Regional Airport serves Springfield, Missouri, and the vacation favorite, Branson, Missouri. It is a small airport, which is very traveler-friendly. Only 200 to 250 travelers use the small airport every day. Although it has been an airport since the 1940s, it became busier in the 1990s when Branson became a vacation destination. Branson is located about 50 miles from the airport, which is located in the same county as Springfield. This airport is different than Branson Airport, which opened in 2009.

Parking at Springfield-Branson Airport

Drivers who drop off or pick up passengers can do so easily on the main drive at the terminal’s main entrance. The main parking lot is across from the main entry, and arriving and departing passengers use front entry doors to come and go from the lot. The parking lot is uncovered. Rental car pick-up and drop-off use the lot to the left of the main entrance and utilize the left side main entry doors. Ground transportation drop-off and pick-up use right side entry doors.

Terminal Information & Amenities

When arriving passengers depart their plane, they will find that they are on the main concourse, giving them immediate access to food choices, commercial purchases, and restrooms. After leaving the secured area, they will find two baggage carousels on their right in the main lobby. They can then proceed to their right to rental vehicles, to their left to ground transportation, straight ahead to be picked up at the curb or straight ahead to a car in the main parking lot. If drivers who are meeting friends or family prefer to park, they may wait by the baggage carousel or at the security exit.

Departing passengers will find skycap service either at the curb, or, failing that, at the information booth. Airline counters are to the right of the main doors. There are restrooms and retail opportunities before security. The security checkpoint is on the same level as check-in. Most passengers report that security lines are generally short, requiring only a few minutes of delay. Upon entering the Gate Concourse, visitors will find that gates are numbered consecutively from two to ten on the left. Gates are numbered consecutively from 1 to 9 on the right. All airlines and all passengers use this concourse. Food, beverage, and retail offerings are conveniently located, and there are two sets of restrooms.

To learn more about the Springfield or Branson area, arriving visitors can use an information kiosk that is centrally located. This includes maps to area locations and attractions. For banking, there are automatic teller machines located in the concourse, in the lobby and by the administrative offices. Travelers will also find a U.S. Post Office drop box by the administrative offices, which are located just before the security checkpoint. For medical safety, there are Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) on duty at all times.

All passengers appreciate the free Wi-Fi that is available throughout the building. Business travelers will find that there is a business meeting space by the administrative offices. Business groups can arrange in advance to utilize the meeting space before or between flights. For those traveling with children, you should find that the small size of the airport makes it easier. Parents should always check with airlines about how to handle items such as carseats and strollers. If you are traveling with a pet, you will find that there is a relief area in front of the terminal. It is gated to keep pets away from car traffic. Waste bags and a trash can should make clean-up easy.