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    Southampton Airport: Southampton, Hampshire SO18 2NL, United Kingdom

Southampton Airport
Southampton Airport


Southampton Airport, recognized by its International Air Transport Association (IATA) airport code of SOU, is located in Southampton in the beautifully historic United Kingdom. The airport operates under the ownership and management of BAA Airports and is on the top 20 list of busiest airports in the country.

History of Southampton Airport

SOU dates back to 1910, at which time the 1st aircraft took off from the airfield which was then known as North Stoneham Farm Meadows. In 1932, the airport fell under new ownership and was renamed Southampton Municipal Airport. 1936 marked a very important year in the history of the airport, as this was the year that the Spitfire took off from the airport. To this day, the airport has a display dedicated to this flight. During the 1960s, the airport yet again fell under the control of new managament and extensive improvements including extension of the existing runway were made. The improvements contributed to an increase in the number of customers to 4 times that of the prior year. During the 1970s, an aircraft radar tower was built and in the 1980s, the airport facilities were greatly improved. In 1990, BAA Airports took control of the airport and began constructing a new terminal in 1993. In 1994: Southampton International Airport became the new name of the airport and that very same year, His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, The Duke of York honored the airport with his presence as he marked the official opening of the new terminal. 2003 marked a significant year as the airport reached an important milestone in its history of 1 million customers that year and in 2012, the airport had the honor of being witness to the Olympic Flame during the torch relay.

Airport Facilities

Today, SOU provides passengers with a choice of facilities and services to meet all of their traveling needs. The airport features efficient check in facilities with special assistance if necessary, currency exchange and banking services, shopping options with duty free, restaurants and food eatery options, meeting room facilities and much more.

The Southampton Airport makes it convenient for customers to travel through as well as to and from the airport. Car rental companies and a conveniently located railway station are available as needed. Other travel options available at the airport include taxi and bus service.

SOU has a single runway which is more than 5,600 feet in length and more than 120 feet in width. In addition, the airport has a total retail space of more than 8,600 square feet and 26 check in facilities that consist of seventeen desks and nine self serve machines.

The Southampton Airport provides customers with various parking options and contains more than 2,700 car park spaces, of which 1,553 are short term and 1,196 are long term spots. The airport has 14 stands for aircrafts.

This bustling airport is open seven days a week and served approximately 1.76 million customers in 2011. SOU facilitates 12 airlines and serviced approximately 45,700 aircraft takeoffs and landings in 2011. The airport services flights to approximately 43 destinations worldwide and transferred approximately 132 tons of cargo in 2011.

SOU makes a significant contribution to the regional economy with an employee base of more than 1,200 placed in approximately 30 different companies within the airport. Approximately 200 employees are directly employed by the company itself.

SOU has received recognition for being the recipient of numerous awards and achievements. Among the most notable are Winner of the City Champion Award for Innovation in 2008, one of the top three global airports in 2005 and Airport of the Year in 2004.