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    Shannon Airport: Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland

Shannon Airport
Shannon Airport


Shannon Airport is one of Ireland’s most popular airports. It is a small municipal airport that offers high-quality logistics, cargo and passenger services to nearly 950,000 passengers each year. It is located about 15 minutes west of Barley Harbour near Shannon’s Western Business Park. Its modern International Civil Aviation Organization airport code is EINN.

Shannon Airport’s location near Barley Harbour offers travelers access to trains that travel to landmarks located near Clare, Galway and Limerick. Moreover, Shannon Airport’s location near several Irish Royal Air Force bases offers American military personnel quick access to logistics support centers located in Cork, Downpatrick, Dublin and Limerick.

The airport is an important transportation hub that is used as a transfer point for many commuter and non-stop flights. It is also a primary refueling stop for many cargo flights that travel to destinations located in the European Union.

History of the Airport

Shannon residents can trace the history of the airport back to 1936 when the Irish Government began construction on a modern airfield that could be used to accommodate civilian aircraft that provided cargo and passenger services.

The airport welcomed its first civilian passengers in 1945 after the Irish government completed the airport’s original terminal building, customs hall, and refueling centers. Most of the passengers that used the airport during the 1940s were American, British, and Canadian residents who wanted to see Ireland’s most popular attractions.

The airport quickly became a popular rest stop during the 1950s and 1960s for vacationers traveling across the Atlantic. This popularity spurred the construction of two refueling stations and a customer service center in the 1960s that are still used today.

The Irish government constructed the airport’s current passenger terminal building in the 1970s to accommodate increases in passenger and cargo traffic. It features a square design that measures 100,000 square feet. This unique design offers passengers quick access to the airport’s amenities. It also offers travelers a cozy atmosphere that makes traveling a more enjoyable experience.

Shannon Airport Features

The terminal’s first floor features a “Y”-shaped concourse that is designed to help passengers find the airport’s gates quickly. It is home to the airport’s security checkpoints, baggage claim center, rental car desks, transportation center, and currency exchange booths. It is also home to the airport’s immigration hall and tourist office. Passengers can simplify their search for these places by searching for yellow signs that point to the location of each place.

The terminal’s second floor features a square-shaped concourse that offers passengers quick access to the airport’s parking structures. It houses the airport’s boarding pass checkpoint, baby care center and observation rooms. It also provides access to the airport’s passenger drop off zones.

The airport’s passenger drop off zones are located south of the airport’s runway near the airport’s parking structures. They feature a wide design that can accommodate up to 30 cars and buses at a time. Visitors can simplify their search for the drop off zones by looking for red signs that are located next to the airport’s parking structures.

Finally, the airport’s parking structures offer travelers and visitors ample room for up to 25,000 vehicles. They are located about 600 feet north of the terminal building near the airport’s customs hall.

Each parking structure offers several secure short-term and long-term parking options that can help you avoid many of Shannon’s parking problems. Travelers can purchase tokens that can be used to pay for parking by visiting one of the kiosks that dot the area near the airport’s parking structures.