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    Incheon International Airport: Jung District, Incheon, South Korea

Those flying in to the Incheon International Airport (ICN) in South Korea will be pleased with the vast array of things to do and nearby airport hotels. You won’t get bored during a long layover or if you plan to visit for a few days. Read further for a few enjoyable outing ideas.

Cultural Museum of Korea

Located At the Airport

You won’t even need to leave the airport grounds to enjoy the Cultural Museum of Korea. The museum introduces Korean art and culture and includes a large variety of relics including items representing traditional arts, royal culture, traditional music and printing and Korean alphabet heritage.

Incheon Golf Course and Driving Range

Distance from Incheon Airport: 0.5 km

Golf enthusiasts will be thrilled to find the Incheon Golf Course and Driving Range available to them right on airport grounds. It features an 18-hole course, a 330-yard driving range, restaurant and several other activities. A nursery and child’s playroom is available.


Directions from Incheon Airport: Direct Bus Route – 303

Nearby Wolmido is a fantastic place to visit with a seemingly endless supply of things to do and see. It offers sightseeing with gorgeous ocean and mountain views, boating, exotic restaurants, theme park with rides such as bumper cars and much more. You can often find singing and dancing contests being held as well as concerts, and everyone is always invited to join in. This is a wonderful place for a romantic date or a family outing.

Bupyeong Market

Directions from Incheon Airport: Direct Bus Route – 101

Those who enjoy shopping will want to visit the Bupyeong Market. There is a huge selection of just about everything you can think of at extremely inexpensive prices. Quality clothing, handbags, fresh baked sweets, food of all kinds, cookware, trinkets and much more await every shopper.

Tomorrow City

Directions from Incheon Airport: Direct Bus Route – 303

Tomorrow City is fun for the entire family. Equipped with all the latest technologies and gadgets, this futuristic city will keep you busy. You will begin your adventure being entertained by a robot at the entrance. After that, you may enjoy a 3D interactive theater, experience futuristic living, stroll along the seawater waterway and so much more.

Sugi Beach
Sugi Beach

Sugi Beach

Distance from Incheon Airport: 3 km

Sugi Beach is a beautiful family- and camping-friendly beach. It is a fabulous spot for a swim or to enjoy building a sand castle with your sweetie or children. It is located on a small island and tends to be less crowded than some of the other beaches.

Aiins World

Directions from Incheon Airport: Direct Bus Route – 302

Aiins World is a different sort of theme park. It features miniature recreations of world famous buildings and monuments such as Mt. Kilimanjaro which actually blows out ash and smoke, the Empire State Building, the Great Wall of China, Rockefeller Center and many more.

These are just a very few places to spend your time. Whichever direction you choose to roam from Incheon International Airport (ICN), you are sure to find something fun and interesting to do. You will no doubt find a new favorite place you will want to be visiting again soon.