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San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco International Airport


The San Francisco International Airport located less than 15 miles south of downtown San Francisco, California. The airport in San Francisco began in 1927 and was originally called the Mills Field Municipal Airport. Four years later, the San Francisco airport received a name changed to the San Francisco Municipal Airport. Six years later, a new administration building and passenger terminal were built as the airport grew in terms of air traffic and passengers. In 1954, a passenger terminal opened called Central Passenger Terminal. About a year later, the airport received another name change to the San Francisco International Airport. Nearly nine years after this, South Terminal opened to facilitate increased air traffic and passenger demands. In 1979, the North Terminal opened. Four years later, Central Terminal received a major renovation. The airport continued to grow and in 2000, the International Terminal was built and opened to the public.

Airport Terminals

There are four terminals at San Francisco International Airport. The first terminal is Terminal 1. It was originally called South Terminal. It has two concourses and they are Boarding Area B and Boarding Area C. Boarding Area B has 17 gates. Boarding Area C has eight gates. Terminal 2 was originally known as Central Terminal. There is one concourse in Terminal 2 and it is Boarding Area D. Boarding Area D has 14 gates. Terminal 3 was known as the North Terminal. Terminal 3 has two concourses. Those concourses are Boarding Area E and Boarding Area F. Boarding Area E has 13 gates and it originally opened in 1981. Boarding Area F has 26 gates and it opened in 1979. The International Terminal in San Francisco is the largest international terminal in the United States. It handles nearly all of the international departures and arrivals. There are two concourses at the International Terminal and they are Boarding Area A and Boarding Area G. Boarding Area A has 13 gates. Boarding Area G has 11 gates.


At the international airport in San Francisco there are four runways. All of them are made out of asphalt. The runway that is the longest is 11,870 feet long. The runway that is the shortest is 7,500 feet long. The remaining runways are 10,602 and 8,648 feet long respectively.

Airport Amenities

The San Francisco Airport has the San Francisco Airport Commission Aviation Library and the Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum. Both facilities are found in the International Terminal and are free. The museum has a Kid’s Spot where children can experience live animals and fish. The exhibit is called Live from the Tropics. There are art exhibits with art made by kids.

Parking at San Francisco Airport

San Francisco International Airport has great parking options for travelers, guests, and visitors. The Domestic Parking Garage, located at the center of the airport, has five different levels. Short Term and Hourly Parking is located in this garage and is perfect for people who plan to stay at the airport for a brief amount of time to pick up their loved ones and friends. At International Parking Garages A and G, people can take advantage of Daily and Hourly Parking. Long Term Parking is located at the Long-Term Lot. Long Term Parking is not on the airport campus, but there are shuttles that bring travelers and visitors to and from the terminals in a timely manner. ParkFAST is a parking location where people can park their vehicles and avoid the lines and cashiers. ParkFAST is located in the fourth level of the Domestic Garage.

Airlines Serving SFO

The San Francisco International Airport is the hub city for both United Airlines and Virgin America Airlines. However, the San Francisco International Airport caters to several different airlines throughout the day, transporting approximately 41 million passengers to and from San Francisco on an annual basis. The San Francisco International Airport has four terminals in which passengers can find all of the airlines they need for their travel needs.

The San Francisco International Airport has flights on airlines such as Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Jet Blue, KLM, Lufthansa, Hawaiian Airlines, British Airways, Air France, US Airways, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. Terminals 1-3 cater to all domestic flights and domestic airlines while the International Terminal is the one that handles all international airlines and flights.

Los Angeles is the most popular destination city from the San Francisco International Airport. More than 1.6 million passengers fly on American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and Virgin America Airlines each year to Los Angeles. The second most popular destination from San Francisco International is Chicago. Approximately 1.1 million passengers fly here on American, United, and Virgin America flights each year. John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City is the third most flown to airport from the San Francisco International Airport each year. More than 1 million passengers head to JFK on airlines such as American, Delta, Jet Blue, United, and Virgin America annually. Other popular cities such as Las Vegas, Denver, Seattle, Dallas, San Diego, Washington D.C., and Atlanta cater to anywhere between a half million and almost 900,000 passengers each year, respectively.

The San Francisco International Airport has a number of popular international destinations as well. A little more than 900,000 people fly from San Francisco’s International Airport to Hong Kong each year on Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, and United Airlines. London’s Heathrow Airport is the second most popular destination for passengers leaving Los Angeles. Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, and United Airways fly nearly 841,000 people to this destination each year. The third most traveled to international destination is Tokyo, with nearly 705,000 passengers flying on United and Delta Airlines each year to this destination.