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Mozart`s Birthplace
Mozart`s Birthplace

Mozart`s Birthplace

Distance From Salzburg Airport: 5.8km

In Getreidegasse no. 9, is where the Leopold Mozart family lived from 1747 to 1773. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born here on January 27, 1756. Today the rooms once occupied by the Mozart family house a museum. The most famous exhibits include Mozart’s childhood violin, his concert violin, his clavichord, the pianoforte, portraits and correspondence of the Mozart family.


Distance From Salzburg Airport: 7.6mi

The medieval bishops’ residence was given today’s magnificent early Baroque appearance at the end of the 16th century. Open to the public: the State Rooms of the Residenz – formerly used by Salzburg’s prince archbishops as reception rooms and living quarters – as well as the Residenz Gallery with its fabulous collection of paintings by European artists of the 16th – 19th centuries. The building referred to as the New Building of the Residenz is located across from the Residenz.

Salzburg Open-Air Museum

Distance From Salzburg Airport: 7.8km

The Salzburg Open-Air Museum documents the rural buildings and way of life in the Province of Salzburg from the 16th to the 20th century. It features 60 farmhouses, barns, mills, craftsmen’s cottages, alpine pastures, some dating back 500 years.

Baroque Museum

Distance From Salzburg Airport: 6.3km

The Salzburg Baroque Museum was installed in the southern wing of the former Orangery in 1973. The works of art on display are first-rate examples of progressive sketches and designs of monumental structures in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Museum Carolino Augusteum

Distance From Salzburg Airport: 7.5km

Gives the visitor a look at the province’s cultural history from the prehistoric age to modern times. Founded in 1834 by M.V. Süss as a “municipal museum”. Patronized by Caroline Auguste. Precious works of art including the famous Celtic flagon from the Dürrnberg. The Museum of Natural History with its 80 exhibition rooms is located directly across the street.

Cathedral Museum

Distance From Salzburg Airport: 7.2km

Salzburg’s Cathedral Museum was founded in 1974 and is installed in the southern oratories of the Cathedral, the southern Cathedral arches and the adjacent Long Aisle – the old “Court Gallery”.
The exhibits range from the Anglo-Saxon St. Rupert’s crucifix (8th century), exquisite objects from the Cathedral treasure (e.g. Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich’s monstrance) to the curiosities of the royal Art and Rarities Collection.

The Holy Trinity Church
The Holy Trinity Church

The Holy Trinity Church

Distance From Salzburg Airport: 6.9km

The Church of the Holy Trinity is the most significant sacred building on the right bank of the Old City and the first church designed by the great Baroque architect Fischer von Erlach. The dominant dome, the sweeping façade, the twin towers and the palace-type wings are definitely the eye-catcher on Makart Square.

Franciscan Church

Distance From Salzburg Airport: 7.5km

Most interesting church in Salzburg from an architectural point of view. Dates back to a structure built during the 8th century. A new basilica was built in 1220. Baroque high altar designed by Fischer von Erlach with Gothic Madonna by Michael Pacher. The Rupertinum, a museum of modern art and part of Salzburg’s Provincial Collections, is located across the street.

Georg-Trakl-Memorial George

Distance From Salzburg Airport: 7.6km

Trakl was born in Salzburg in 1887 as the son of an ironmonger. He died at the age of 27 at the outset of World War I in the garnison hospital in Cracow. Within only a few years he had written a body of literature which gave him a special rank in the German lyric poetry of the 20th century.

Kapuzinerberg and Capuchin Monastery

Distance From Salzburg Airport: 7.7km

The Kapuzinerberg, at 636 m the highest elevation in the city, represents the northern end of the calcareous alps within the city limits. Formerly known as the “Imberg”, the Kapuzinerberg has a long history: Settlements on the eastern slope towards the part of town known as Gnigl have been traced back to the Neolithic period and two settlement sites discovered above the Capuchin Monastery date back to around 1000 B.C. It is also assumed that one settlement site may have originated during the La Tène period.

Museum of Natural History

Distance From Salzburg Airport: 5.6km

Salzburg’s Museum of Natural History is located in the center of the Old City. Over 300,000 visitors each year admire everything nature has to offer displayed in some 80 exhibition rooms.

International Mozarteum Foundation

Distance From Salzburg Airport: 6.4km

The purpose of the International Mozarteum Foundation is “to perform and propagate Mozart’s music and music in general, to broaden the public’s knowledge of Mozart and his creative work and to preserve the memory of Mozart, his work and his family”.

Collegiate Church

Distance From Salzburg Airport: 5.4km

The Catholic school founded by Prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus was raised to the status of a university in 1622 by Archbishop Paris Lodron, giving it the same standing and the same rights as other universities in Italy, France and Germany. Reconstruction of the university building commenced in 1631 according to plans by the Cathedral architect, Santino Solari.

Residence Gallery

Distance From Salzburg Airport: 7.7km

Salzburg’s Residence Gallery is a collection maintained by the Salzburg province which continues the tradition of similar art collections put together by the Baroque nobility, ideally supplementing the city’s Baroque character. It enjoys a high status in the artistic and cultural life of Salzburg all year round.