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    Salzburg Airport: Innsbrucker Bundesstra├če 95, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg Airport
Salzburg Airport


Salzburg Airport is also known as W.A. Mozart Airport in honor of the famous Austrian composer. The airport code of SZG references the city of Salzburg located along the Austrian and German border. The airport provides permanent service to a limited number of European locations but is known as a seasonal destination for winter ski holidays.

History of the Airport

Air operations in the area predate World War I with barnstorming and recreational pilots utilizing an automobile racetrack. Commercial air operations began in 1926 with regional flights with Austria and Germany. The airport was used by the German Air Force during World War II and served as the base for some of its early jet fighter aircraft in the last days of the war. The airport avoided damage during the war and was one of the first to resume commercial operations after the conflict ended.

Expansions over the year have included control towers, terminals, and expanded runways. The airport has seen almost continuous expansion since the late 1940s as more tourists have been drawn to the skiing destinations in Austria. Salzburg Airport handles about 1.5 million passengers per year although the bulk of the traffic occurs during the winter months.

Terminal Information

Salzburg Airport utilizes two terminals with the ability to handle about 1,400 passengers every hour. This short-term capacity is useful during the winter ski months. The terminals have a small footprint, which allows passengers to move between flights or from the gates to parking and transportation facilities quickly. The airport prides itself on its accessibility for people with mobility challenges. Free wireless Internet is available in portions of the terminals.

Terminal 2, known as the Amadeus Terminal, offers an events center as well as cultural displays. The terminal provides a lounge area with views of historic buildings in front of a mountain backdrop. The terminal not only provides service to arriving and departing passengers, but also serves as a destination in itself. The terminal operates on a limited schedule based on demand.

Parking at Salzburg Airport

As a holiday and vacation airport, the parking facilities are limited at Salzburg Airport. The airport offers about 2,000 parking spaces within parking garages with about 1,250 addition outdoor parking spaces. Most parking spaces are located within convenient walking distance of the terminals.

The airport operates a single runway of about 2,750 meters or 9,000 feet. This runway has the capacity to handle Boeing 747 and smaller aircraft and is equipped with an instrument landing system. The runway is supplemented by taxiways that allow aircraft to reach the terminal area without impeding other air traffic.

One of Europe’s more interesting air museums, Hangar-7, is located on the grounds of the Salzburg Airport. This display includes the aircraft of the Flying Bulls. This group of aviation history enthusiasts have accumulated a large number of historic craft which are displayed in the hangar. The craft include several aircraft of the World War II era as well more modern craft. The aircraft are displayed in a glass-roofed hangar building with descriptive information included with each display. Hangar-7 provides a convenient and interesting way for travelers to spend time between flights or when enduring flight delays caused by weather.