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    Rotterdam The Hague Airport: Rotterdam Airportplein 60, 3045 AP Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam The Hague Airport
Rotterdam The Hague Airport


Rotterdam The Hague Airport, also known by airport code RTM, provides service to the area of Rotterdam in the southwest region of the Netherlands. The airport provides international and domestic service to about 1 million passengers each year ranking it among the top five of Dutch airports. The airport is located between the communities of Rotterdam and The Hague and serves as a gateway to the entire region with carriers utilizing turboprop and small jets to provide service to regional and international hubs.

History of Rotterdam The Hague Airport

The airport’s history traces back to the years following World War II when the Dutch government desired a second international airport. Construction began in 1955 within operations starting about a year later. For many years, the airport survived but didn’t thrive and faced an uncertain future. Increased traffic beginning in the 1990s has not only prevented any talk of closure but may lead to future expansion. The area around the airport is largely suburban neighborhoods limiting the possibility of increasing the physical size of the airport.

Terminal Information

The airport operates a single terminal with about 15 check-in counters and seven gates. The small airport passengers to make connecting flights between international carriers in as little as 20 minutes and domestic carriers in half the time. The airport includes about 2,750 parking spaces with nearly 90 percent dedicated to long-term parking.

Airport Operations

Along with its single terminal, the airport operates a single runway of about 2,200 meters or 7,000 feet. The runway has the capacity to handle all aircraft and is equipped with lights and an instrument landing system. The airport operates from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. local time and has noise restrictions in place depending on the aircraft from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

Cargo is not a major portion of the operation at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. The facilities do include customs inspections for foreign cargo but are limited to less than 50 tons of airfreight each year.

Along with the commercial air traffic at the airport, the facility serves as base for general aviation operations with a number of private pilots and flying clubs based at Rotterdam The Hague. These flying operations contribute to the 55,000 take offs and landings that occur at the airport each year.

Airport Growth

Future plans at Rotterdam The Hague Airport include improvements to the quality of the space and better marketing to improve the airports position in the regional market. This may include an airport business park as well as other enhancements meant to make the airport a more integral part of the city. The expansions do not include upgrades to the capacity of the passenger or air facilities.

The airport is also considered a part of the regional emergency planning as a haven during flooding conditions. Much of the Netherlands is low-lying lands with considerable danger from high water events. The airport is one of the few areas where the land is high enough to limit potential damage from flooding. Regional leaders have expressed concern this may become a greater issue if the waters rise due to climate change.