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    Recife/Guararapes–Gilberto Freyre International Airport: Praça Ministro Salgado Filho, s/nº - Imbiribeira, Recife - PE, 51210-902, Brazil

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Boat Tours

Distance From Recife International Airport: 12.4km

Barco Peixe Leão starts from the Zero Marker in Old Recife and tours around the harbor, up the Beberibe river and back through Old Recife before returning to the Zero Marker.

Catamaran Rides

Distance From Recife International Airport: 7.1km

Through Recife down the Capibaribe River. Day and night rides, from Wednesday to Sunday, boarding at the Cinco Pontas Quay, just off Avenida Sul. [ 50m (164 ft.) past the Forte Cinco Pontas.] You can also ride up the coast to visit Fort Orange and the beaches of Itamaracá.

Museu Da Cidade Do Recife City Museum
Museu Da Cidade Do Recife City Museum

Museu Da Cidade Do Recife City Museum

Distance From Recife International Airport: 9.1km

Its contents range from maps to photos to art and household pieces found in the excavations of the building that now houses the museum itself. “Fort of Five Points” was originally built by the Dutch in 1630 but that has been replaced by a Portuguese structure built in the traditional square manner.
Address : Praça das Cinco Pontas, s/n, Bairro de São José, Recife. Phone: (81) 3224-8492 Mon-Fri 9am-6pm; Sat-Sun 1-5pm
Bus: São Jose
Working hours : Mondays through Fridays, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Museu Do Homem Do Nordeste

Distance From Recife International Airport: 13.6km

This museum holds more than 3,500 pieces, with special emphasis on indigenous culture and the main aspects of lifestyle in colonial Northeastern Brazil. Its pieces refer back to the colonial period. Three sections: anthropology, popular art with superb ceramic figurines; and a pharmacy exhibit about the region’s herbal/indigenous medicine. It is considered to be Recife’s best museum.
Address: Av. 17 de Agosto, 2187, Casa Forte, Recife. Phone: (81) 3441-5500

Casa Do Carnaval

Distance From Recife International Airport: 9.4km

Plays an important role in helping people do research on Brazilian Carnival. Holds important historic materials from the several Carnival clubs and associations in Recife.
Address : Pátio de São Pedro, 42, São José, Recife. Phone: (81) 3424-4942

Mamulengo Puppet Museum Olinda

(tel. 081/3429-6214; open Tues-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat-Sun 11am-5pm; free admission on Rua Treze de Maio). The three-floor museum assembles puppets [bonecos] used in Northeastern folk drama. Some have hidden levers that cause them to stick out appendages.

Museu De Cinecias Naturais

Distance From Recife International Airport: 15.2km

Stuffed mammals, insects and reptiles can be found here.
Address: The City Zoo (Horto do Parque dois Irmãos, Recife.)

Museu Do Trem

Distance From Recife International Airport: 10.5km

This museum has parts and instruments that were used last century in the construction of the Northeastern Railroad Track. It also presents to the public at large a number of locomotives, English china, pictures of the first trains to run in the region, etc.
Address: Central Station (Estação Central – Praça Visconde de Mauá, São José, Recife.)
Admission : Free

Museu Do Estado

Distance From Recife International Airport: 13.0km

A museum of the State’s history and anthropology. Former residence of the Baron of Beberibe (19th century). Holds important pieces that date back to the time of the Dutch settlement and the Colonial period; frescos commemorating the Battle of Guararapes and Mount Tabocas.
Address : Av. Rui Barbosa, 960, Graças, Recife. Phone: (81) 3427-9322

Museu Murilo La Greca

Distance From Recife International Airport: 12.4km

Holds over a thousand drawings and 200 paintings that express Murilo La Greca’s conscious rejection. Visitors will be able to find, among other things, Murilo’s collection of 8 rpm long plays, as well as a few of his personal belongings. Murilo studied painting in Naples with Belles Arts teacher Emílio Notte.
Address: R. Leonardo Cavalcanti, 366, Parnamirim, Recife. Phone: (81) 3268-8011