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    Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport
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    Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport: 505 Rue Principale, Quebec City, QC G2G 0J4, Canada

Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport
Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport


Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport is located only 20 minutes by car from the city’s center. In French, it is known as Aeroport international Jean-Lesage de Quebec. The abbreviation for the airport is YQB. Airport signs are in French and English, signifying the two official languages of the French-speaking province in English-speaking Canada.

Quebec City is smaller than Montreal, and its airport is smaller than both the Montreal-Trudeau Airport, which handles more passengers, and the Montreal-Saint Hubert Airport, which handles more aircraft maneuvers. Still, it is busy enough to support 1.3 million passengers every year. Compared to other Canadian airports, it is considered the 13th busiest annually.

Terminal Information & Amenities

Ground Floor/Level One accommodates arriving passengers. This includes both domestic and international arrivals. Banking-related features include an automatic teller machine in the domestic arrival area, an ATM in the international arrival area and a money exchange booth. Arriving passengers also have access to one multi-service commercial area and several information booths. The entire airport is served by wireless high speed Internet, which is free.

Departing passengers enter on Level One and check in at their airline counter. Counters generally open about two hours before a flight. Travelers then proceed to Level Two via escalator or elevator. Level Two accommodates all airlines and all departing passengers; therefore, it includes all departure gates. Gates are numbered left to right. Banking features include two ATMs and a money exchange booth. To give travelers a quiet place to work, the airport’s business center offers 14 workstations with Internet access. For a quiet place to rest, Level two includes a Comfort Zone, which has larger seats and is set aside from the airport’s hustle and bustle. There is also a VIP lounge on this level. A children’s play area gives little ones something to do while they wait for the plane. Most food, drinks, and other commercial purchases are available after passengers have passed through the security checkpoint.

History of Québec City Jean Lesage Airport

The airport was established in 1939, but the first flight didn’t occur until 1941. It changed names several times, and, in 1993, its name was changed to honor Lesage, who was once Premier of Quebec. The current terminal was renovated in 2006, and it is already under expansion. Construction should not impede travel within the airport or on the airport grounds, however. The terminal has space to handle 1.4 million, and airport officials are hurrying to expand before it reaches its capacity. The facility has two asphalt runways. The shorter one is 5,700 feet, and the longer one is 9,000 feet.

Parking & Transportation

Drivers may drop off or pick up passengers at the curb, but there are restrictions on the length of time that one may stop. For short term and long term parking at the airport, there is a large, uncovered lot adjacent to the terminal. Since the area gets up to 125 inches of snow annually, the airport offers drivers help in the form of light equipment. From the information booth, drivers can borrow items such as jumper cables, scrapers, and snow shovels. Airport exterior temperatures can be extreme from late fall to late spring, and arriving passengers will need a heavy winter coat, gloves, and other personal warmth apparel. To allow departing passengers to shed winter weather necessities, there is a coat check where, for a fee, travelers can leave their heavy coat and boots. Coat check items also include luggage, boxes, and gear. The airport is open 24 hours a day, every day, which allows travelers access to checked items day and night.