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When staying in Quad City, select an Quad City Airport hotel that will help you rest and relax, and keep you close to all of the attractions that you and your family can enjoy.

John Deere Pavilion
John Deere Pavilion

John Deere Pavilion

Distance from Quad City Intl. Airport: 5.6mi

One of the neatest attractions near the Quad Cities Airport. Located at a factory where John Deere tractors are made, visitors here actually get to go on a tour of the factory. There is a museum attached that shows the different types of tractors and equipment that John Deere has made over the decades. They also have exhibits where visitors can watch these massive green machines in action. There is also a children’s exhibit that makes this a great place to visit for travelers who are in the Quad Cities with their families.

Quad Cities Botanical Center

Distance from Quad City Intl. Airport: 12.1mi

Another great spot to visit while in the area is the Quad Cities Botanical Center. There are many different plant exhibits that feature specific types of plants. Some of the most beautiful exhibits are the wildflower area, the perennials area and the butterfly gardens. The facility is simply gorgeous. The highlight of the Quad Cities Botanical Center is the Sun Garden. This 6,000 square foot garden contains a wide variety of plants, birds, fish ponds and cascading waterfalls.

Putnam Museum

Distance from Quad City Intl. Airport: 12.2mi

Visitors to the Quad Cities who enjoy museums will definitely want to check out the Putnam Museum when they fly into the Quad Cities Airport. Established way back in 1867, the Putnam Museum is home to artifacts, fossils and exhibits that showcase the local area’s history. The museum puts a particular em phasis on science and natural history. Two of the highlights are the enormous aquarium and the giant cave that visitors can explore inside. Also worth noting is the fact that it is home to the largest movie screen in the state of Iowa inside its IMAX theater.

Family Museum of Arts and Sciences
Family Museum of Arts and Sciences

Family Museum of Arts and Sciences

Distance from Quad City Intl. Airport: 8.8mi

Although it was designed to appeal to families with children, visitors of all ages will enjoy exploring the Family Museum of Arts and Sciences. The focus here is on educational, hands-on exhibits that will ensure visitors have a good time while they are learning something. One of the coolest exhibits is the giant human heart model that visitors and walk though. The simulated tornado exhibit is another highlight. While visitors are here, they will learn about science, weather, art, language, music and dance.

Figge Art Museum

Distance from Quad City Intl. Airport: 9.8mi

Figge Art Museum is one of the most popular attractions in the Quad Cities. It is a must for art lovers while they are in the area. The museum features a number of pieces from some of the most famous American artists like William Merritt Chase and Grant Wood. The museum is located on the banks of the Mississippi River, and visitors will enjoy the view of the river while they explore the artworks.

Credit Island

Distance from Quad City Intl. Airport: 13.7mi

Nature lovers who are flying into the Quad Cities Airport will definitely want to check out Credit Island while they are there. This 420-acre park is located in the middle of the Mississippi River. As well as viewing the abundant wildlife on the island, visitors can engage in a number of recreational activities. Fishing, boating, disc golf, walking, bike riding and jogging are all popular activities for people on Credit Island.