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    Quad City International Airport: 2200 69th Ave, Moline, IL 61265

Quad City International Airport
Quad City International Airport


Quad City International Airport is located near Moline, Illinois. The airport serves the Quad Cities region of Iowa and Illinois. The region consists of the cities of Moline, Rock Island, and East Moline, Illinois and also the cities of Bettendorf and Davenport, Iowa. As the third most-busiest airport in Illinois, it served over 800,000 passengers in 2011. The airport’s elevation is at 590 feet above sea level. The airport has three runways, two with a concrete surface and one with a mix of concrete and asphalt. The airport property is 2,600 acres. The airfield has the ability to handle any type of aircraft regardless of the weather conditions. It is continuously maintained to ensure that it can handle new types of aircrafts. The parking areas for the airport are located close to the main terminal building.

History of Quad City Airport

In 1919, the first coast-to-coast flight was taking place. The airport, then named Franing Field, was selected as a control point. One of the most notable events was Charles Lindbergh’s visit to the airport in 1927. He flew the Spirit of St. Louis on a tour to promote commercial aviation. Aviation pioneer Phobe Omile made history in 1929 when she set an altitude record flying in a Velie Monocoup that was constructed in Moline. Today, the plane is on display hanging about the passenger terminal. Residents in Rock Island County, Illinois voted to form the Metropolitian Airport Authority in 1947. The agency currently owns the Quad City International Airport. In 1957, more than 59,000 passengers traveled in and out of the airport. New additions were made to the terminal in the 1960s, adding baggage claims, passenger boarding gates and a restaurant. A new terminal was constructed in 1985 as it was seen as a less costly project rather than expanding the terminal that was built in 1954. Over $11 million was invested in the completion of the new terminal. Soon, numerous airlines would begin serving the Quad Cities.

The terminal was last renovated in 2001 along with the expansion of its baggage claim area and construction of two concourses. As a result, the passenger terminal was twice the size as it was originally built. In 2007, over 960,000 passengers traveled to and from the Quad Cities from the airport. In the following years, the number of passengers decreased. The number of passengers dropped to well over 100,000 after AirTran pulled its services from the Quad Cities.

Airport Operations

Over 49,000 aircrafts are operated each year out of the Quad Cities International Airport. Though there is a presence of the U.S. Customs, there are no international flights for passengers. International routes to and from the Quad Cities are used for cargo and shipping purposes. The airport also includes a Foreign Trade Zone and a Customs Point of Entry. There are six gates in Concourse A, while Concourse B has nine gates available. The Transportation Security Administration has a regional office located in the main passenger terminal. A Hampton Inn & Suites is located adjacent to the main terminal building.