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T. F. Green Airport
T. F. Green Airport


T. F. Green Airport, also known by the name Theodore Francis Green Memorial State Airport or the airport code PVD, provides air service to Providence in Rhode Island. In addition, the airport provides service to a multi-state area. The airport is named for political figure Theodore Green who served as governor and senator from Rhode Island. It is one of the few commercial airports in the United States that is owned by a state rather than a city or airport authority.

History of the T. F. Green Airport

Commercial air operations at T. F. Green Airport trace back to 1931 although little of that infrastructure remains. A major renovation in 1996 installed a long list of improvements and upgrades to the facility including a new terminal. The Bruce Sundlun Terminal, also named for a former governor, provides service to about 4 million passengers each year. The terminal offers about 20 gates split between a north and south concourse. Officials dedicate one gate for arriving international passengers that leads directly to a customs station. The international gate is most commonly used for flights arriving from Canada.

Airport Operations

The airport operates two runways. The longest is about 7,000 meters or 23,000 feet in length with the secondary runway about 6,000 meters or 20,000 feet in length. Both are equipped with lights and instrument landing systems. The airport sees about 80,000 take offs and landings each year. General aviation activities include flights by about 70 planes based at the airport.

T. F. Green Airport is part of a large-scale regional operation in the New England states of America. The airport not only serves its own region with air service but serves as a backup for other airports in the larger region. This includes occasionally handling flights diverted from Logan International Airport at Boston or the regional airports at Worcester or Manchester. Diversions to T. F. Green Airport can be caused by weather or other factors. Passengers are, in some cases, transported by bus to their actual destination from the diversion airport.

Future expansions at T. F. Green Airport may require additional property. The airport is engaged in a voluntary land acquisition program attempting to engage property owners in discussions about selling land to the airport. The airport is also interested in acquiring properties affected by high noise levels caused by arriving or departing aircraft. These properties are judged based on the level of noise experienced at the property at various times. The land acquisitions are meant to facilitate the expansions and lengthening of the runway that will be followed by further terminal expansions.

The terminal and airport occasionally attracts attention with the arrival or departure of charter flights carrying the New England Patriots of the National Football League. The airport also was in the news back in 1972 when members of the rock group The Rolling Stones were arrested on the airport grounds for assault. The group was still able to make its concert at Boston Garden avoiding the wrath of angry fans.


Parking at or near the airport can be an issue with some parking areas located at some distance from the terminal. The airport does offer shuttle services and has instituted a “frequent parker” program to reward those that use parking areas controlled by automated attendants.