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Bedr[av]ich Smetana Museum (Muzeum B. Smetany):

Distance from Prague Airport: 11.9km

Novotného lávka 1, Praha 1.
02/2422 9075.
Concerts are held here, and you can buy tickets on site or at Prague Information Service, Na Pr[av]íkope[av] 20, Praha 1 (187 in Prague or 02/264 022 outside Prague). This museum, opened in 1936 (in what was the former Old Town waterworks) jutting out into the Vltava next to Charles Bridge, pays tribute to the deepest traditions of Czech classical music and its most patriotic composer, Bedr[av]ich Smetana.

Bertramka (W. A. Mozart Museum):

Distance from Prague Airport: 12.1km

Mozartova 169, Praha 5.
02/543 893
Chamber concerts are often held here, usually starting at 5pm. Tickets are available on site or at Prague Information Service, Na Pr[av]íkope[av] 20, Praha 1. Mozart loved Prague, and when he visited, the composer often stayed at this villa owned by the Dus[av]ek family. Now a museum, it contains displays with his written work and his harpsichord. There’s also a lock of Mozart’s hair, encased in a cube of glass.

Bethlehem Chapel (Betlémská kaple):

Distance from Prague Airport: 15.1km

Betlémské nám. 4,
Praha 1. (Praha 1).
This is the site where, in the early 15th century, the Czech Protestant theologian Jan Hus angered the Catholic hierarchy with sermons critical of the establishment. He was burned at the stake as a heretic in 1415 at Konstanz in present-day Germany and became a martyr for the Czech Protestant and later nationalist cause. A memorial to Hus dominates the center of Old Town Square.

Dvor[av]ák Museum (Muzeum A. Dvor[av]áka):

Distance from Prague Airport: 16.0km

Ke Karlovu 20, Praha 2.
02/298 214
Built in 1712, the two-story rococo building, tucked away on a Nové Me[av]sto side street, was Dvor[av]ák’s home for 24 years until his death in 1901. In the 18th century when the building was erected, this part of Prague was frontier land. Czechs willing to open businesses so far from the center were called “Americans” for their pioneer spirit. This building came to be known as America. Opened in 1932, the museum shows an extensive collection, including the composer’s piano, spectacles, Cambridge cap and gown, photographs, and sculptures. Several rooms are furnished as they were around 1900.

Museum of the City of Prague
Museum of the City of Prague

Museum of the City of Prague (Muzeum hlavního me[av]sta Prahy):

Distance from Prague Airport: 13.4km

The museum is 1 block north of the Florenc metro station.
Na por[av]íc[av]í 52, Praha 8.
02/2481 6772
This delightfully upbeat museum encompasses Prague’s illustrious past.
Permanent exhibition: Ancient Prague – the history of the city and its inhabitants from prehistoric times to 1620. Prague between the Middle and New Ages. Langweil´s model of Prague created during 1826 – 1837 – a unique three dimensional representation of the city made of paper and wood.

Petr[av]ín Tower (Rozhledna):

Distance from Prague Airport: 11.3km

Atop Petr[av]ín Hill, Praha 1.
A one-fifth scale copy of Paris’s Eiffel Tower, Prague’s Petr[av]ín Tower was constructed out of recycled railway track for the 1891 Prague Exhibition. It functioned as the city’s primary telecommunications tower until the Emir Hoffman tower opened. Today the Eiffel replica exists solely as a tourist attraction. Those who climb the 195 feet to the top are treated to striking views, particularly at night.

Old Town Hall (Starome[av]stská radnice) and Astronomical Clock (orloj):

Distance from Prague Airport: 15.1km

Starome[av]stské náme[av]stí, Praha 1.
02/2422 8456
Crowds congregate in front of Old Town Hall’s Astronomical Clock (orloj) to watch the glockenspiel spectacle that occurs hourly from 8am to 8pm. Built in 1410, the clock has long been an important symbol of Prague. According to legend, after the timepiece was remodeled at the end of the 15th century, clock artist Master Hanus[av] was blinded by the Municipal Council so that he couldn’t repeat his fine work elsewhere. In retribution, Hanus[av] threw himself into the clock mechanism and promptly died.

Strahov Monastery and Library (Strahovsk‡ kláster):

Distance from Prague Airport: 10.7km

Strahovské nádvorí, Praha 1.
02/2051 6671
Tues-Sun 9am-noon and 1-5pm.
Admission 40Kc adults, 20Kc students.
Tram: 22 from Malostranská metro station.
The second oldest monastery in Prague, Strahov was founded high above Malá Strana in 1143 by Vladislav II. It’s still home to Premonstratensian monks, a scholarly order closely related to the Jesuits, and their dormitories and refectory are off-limits.