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Portland International Airport
Portland International Airport


The Portland International Airport is located within the city limits of Portland, Oregon. From downtown Portland, the airport is about 15 miles away on the northeast side of the city.

History of Portland Airport

In the 1920s, a number of landing strips were located in and around Portland, Oregon. In 1925, the Port of Portland was approached by the City of Portland seeking to have an official airport built in Portland. The location that was chosen was Swan Island. One of the reasons that Swan Island was chosen was because the Port of Portland already owned it. In addition to this, the land was ideal for building an airport. In 1926, construction on the island began. The new airport officially opened two years later in 1928. After it opened, the official airport in Portland received a large amount of air traffic and passengers. During this time, a number of stunt pilots and other performers came to the airport to put on air shows.

The search for a new airport began in 1935, since the United States Bureau of Air Commerce prevented the DC-3 Mainliner from using the Swan Island airport. The new location for the airport was close to the Columbia River known as Columbia Bottoms. It had about 700 acres of land and it cost about three million dollars to build. About four years later, the airport, known as the Portland-Columbia Airport, opened on October 13, 1940. In 1951, the airport received a name change to the Portland International Airport. During World War II, the United States Army Air Force used the airport for operations.

Although the Portland International Airport had a terminal that was less than 20 years old, a new terminal was constructed in 1959. Over the years, the new terminal expanded a number of times as new concourses were added to help assist in passenger and flight demand.

Airport Operations & Amenities

In 1952, an 8,800-foot long runway was built to serve the Portland International Airport. It replaced a smaller runway, which was inadequate to receive some air traffic. Of the three runways at the airport today, two runways are made out of asphalt while the third one is made out of concrete. The lengths of the runways at the airport are 6,000; 9,825; and 11,000 feet long.

The terminal in the international airport in Portland is shaped like an H. On one length is Concourse D and Concourse E. Combined, Concourses D and E have 22 gates. On the other side of the airport are the other concourses. They are Concourses A, B and C. Combined, Concourses A, B and C have 36 gates. Connecting Concourses D and E with Concourses A, B and C is the Concourse Connector. The Concourse Connector contains the ticketing area and security checkpoints.

For families with kids, there is the Kids Play Area. This place is for kids and allows them to run off their energy as they wait to board their plane. There are a number of activities for them to do and there is seating for parents to enjoy their children and to relax.

Parking at Portland Airport

The international airport in Portland has a number of parking areas for passengers, travelers, and guests to park. Although the Economy Lot is off the airport campus, it has 7,800 parking places for people to park their vehicles. Complimentary shuttles bring travelers and visitors to the terminal and back quickly. Long-Term Parking is close to the main terminal and has over 3,000 parking places. Short-Term Parking is right next to the terminal and has over 3,300 parking places for people to park their vehicle.

Airlines Serving Portland Airport

The Portland International Airport is a fairly large airport that services more than 13 and a half million passengers each year. Alaska Airlines, SeaPort Airlines, and Horizon Air all use the Portland International Airport as a hub airport for their airlines, though no airlines consider Portland International a focus city. Southwest, Virgin America, Sea Port, Jet Blue, Frontier, American, Alaska, Air Canada, Hawaiian, and Delta are the airlines that service the Portland International Airport. These airlines take passengers to cities all over the world, including nonstop flights to cities such as Sacramento, Reno, San Jose, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Charlotte, Atlanta, Washington D.C., New York City, Philadelphia, and Toronto.

The busiest destination out of the Portland International Airport is Denver. Approximately 515,000 passengers use Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines each year to fly to Denver from Portland. Following that is Seattle. Alaska Airlines and United Airlines take 499,000 people to this destination each year. Phoenix sees more than 423,000 passengers on flights from Alaska, Southwest, and US Airways from Portland International on an annual basis. Alaska Airlines is the biggest airline carrier out of the Portland International Airport.

Air Canada and Horizon fly the most flights to the busiest international destination out of the Portland International Airport, which is Vancouver. These airlines fly more than 168,000 passengers to Vancouver each year. Amsterdam, in the Netherlands is the second most popular international destination, with more than 121,000 passengers on Delta Airlines each year. Tokyo follows up as the third most traveled to international destination out of the Portland International Airport with 103,000 passengers on Delta Airlines each year.

The Portland International Airport has one terminal and five concourses. Concourse A is where passengers go to depart on flights by Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines is also the only airline that uses concourse B, and it also has flights out of concourse C. Aside from Alaska Airlines flights, concourse C is also home to American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Jet Blue Airways, Southwest Airlines, and US Airways. Concourse D caters to Delta Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Virgin America. Concourse E services Air Canada, SeaPort, and United Airlines. All flights arriving from international locations are dealt with and handled at the far end of Concourse D, no matter which concourse that particular arriving airline departs from.