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Philadelphia International Airport
Philadelphia International Airport


Philadelphia International Airport is a large airport residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is both the largest airport in the state of Pennsylvania and in the Delaware Valley region. It covers 2,302 acres of land area and mostly sits in Philadelphia, with some of the area extending into Tinicum Township, Pennsylvania.

Airport Operations

Philadelphia International Airport has four runways: 08/26, 09L/27R, 09R/27L, and 17/35. Runway 08/26 is 5,000 feet long and 150 feet wide and the surface is asphalt. The weight limit is dual wheel 145,000 pounds. Runway 09L/27R is 9,500 feet long and 150 feet wide with an asphalt surface. The weight capacity is single wheel 100,000 pounds, dual wheel 210,000 pounds, and dual tandem wheel 350,000 pounds. Runway 09R/27L is 10,506 feet long and 200 feet wide made out of asphalt. Its weight limit is 200,000 pounds single wheel, 210,000 pounds dual wheel, and 350,000 pounds dual tandem wheel. Runway 17/35 is 6,501 feet long and 150 feet wide with an asphalt surface. The weight capacity is 100,000 pounds single wheel, 170,000 dual wheel, and 300,000 pounds dual tandem wheel.

Currently, Philadelphia International Airport is among the busiest airports around the globe and nearly 31 million passengers travel through the airport every year.


The airport features seven terminal buildings, which are separated into seven lettered concourses, A East, A West, B, C, D, E, F. Altogether the terminals house 130 gates. Terminal A East is mainly used by domestic airlines and it is modern and recently received a baggage claim upgrade. Terminal A West is one of the newest terminal facilities at the airport and it serves nearly all international flights and some domestic flights. It also offers various dining options. Terminals B and C mainly serve US Airways and they are linked by a big dining and shopping area. Terminal D was recently renovated and it serves various airlines. It is connected to the shopping and dining area of Terminals B and C by a walkway. Terminal E houses numerous airlines and 17 gates. Terminal F is a regional terminal and features unique jet bridges that enable passengers to get on commuter planes. This terminal is the second newest building. Terminals A East and West, B, C, D, and E are all linked together. Terminal F is completely separate, but it can be reached via airside shuttle buses.

Philadelphia Airport Parking

The Philadelphia Parking Authority runs and manages the parking at Philadelphia International Airport. Parking is available in short-term parking lots, economy lot, and four garages. There are more than 19,000 parking spaces available. Free shuttle buses are available for passengers parking in the economy parking lot.

History of the Airport

The Pennsylvania National Guard first used the location of Philadelphia International Airport as a training field in 1925. Charles Lindbergh dedicated the area as Philadelphia Municipal Airport in 1927. However, no official terminal building was constructed until 1940. The airport was used throughout World War II as a training airfield and a variety of fighter and bomber squads trained at the site. The airport was resumed for civilian use in 1945 where it changed its name to Philadelphia International Airport. A new terminal opened in 1953. During the mid-1970s, the airport underwent a significant extension and Terminals B/C, D, and E were constructed in 1977 as part of a major project. During the 1980s, the airport hosted various hub operations for many different airlines. Ongoing construction is underway to add new passenger areas.

Airlines Serving Philadelphia Airport

Being an important gateway into the largest city of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia International Airport is a major hub for US Airways. More than half of all destinations that are offered at this airport are operated by US Airways. This major American company connects Philadelphia to dozens of domestic destinations. Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Charleston, New York City, Newark, and Manchester are major East Coast cities that are accessible through direct US Airways flights. Additionally, the US Airways regional service also connects Philadelphia with Pittsburgh, the second most populous city in Pennsylvania.

Of course, US Airways service from Philadelphia International Airport also covers the neighboring Midwest region pretty well. Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis are some of the major Midwestern cities that can be reached via quick US Airways flights. The West Coast and southern parts of the United States are also accessible through the busiest airline at Philadelphia International Airport. Major cities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas, and other states are on the US Airways schedule. The international service offered by US Airways covers destinations in Canada, South America, the Caribbean Sea and Asia. This major airline uses the facilities in Terminals A, B, C and F at Pennsylvania’s largest airport. Depending on the flight, US Airways uses its diverse fleet that includes Airbus and Boeing jets of various seating capacities.

The US Airways domination of the schedule at Philadelphia International Airport limits the service provided by other domestic airlines. Operating in Terminal D, Delta offers daily trips to the airline’s airport hubs in Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York City, and Salt Lake City. The major airports in Chicago, Dallas, and Miami are part of the limited American Airlines schedule, which is available in Terminal A. AirTran Airways, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines and United Airlines are other American companies serving Philadelphia International Airport.

Being one of the few airlines to operate in Terminal E at Philadelphia International Airport, Southwest Airlines offers a solid domestic schedule. This major low cost carrier invites passengers to popular Florida destinations like Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Tampa. Chicago, Nashville, St. Louis, Las Vegas, and Phoenix also make up the Southwest Airlines timetable.

Since international service at Philadelphia International Airport is dominated by US Airways, only a few other non U.S. companies operate at this airport. The flag carriers Air Canada, British Airways, and Lufthansa offer trips to Toronto, London, and Frankfurt, respectively.