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    Perth Airport: 2 George Wiencke Dr, Perth WA 6105, Australia

Perth Airport
Perth Airport

Airport Growth

The Perth airport, located in Perth Australia, is the fourth busiest airport in Australia. It houses two domestic terminals and one international terminal, and is one of the fastest growing airports in Australia. In addition, Perth airport is expanding, and is currently in development to add another domestic terminal, to be completed in 2014.

History of Perth Airport

Originally, the Perth airport was used for the military, and the Royal Australian Air Force No. 85 Squadron was based there from February 1943. Despite the fact that it was used by the military, and contrary to the wishes of many military authorities, Qantas Empire Airways and Australian National Airways, both civil services, started operating from Perth airport in 1944. The international terminal at the Perth airport was built in 1953, out of left over war materials. Perth airport was operated by the Australian Federal Government until it was sold in 1997 to a company called Westralia Airports Corporation, now called Perth Airport Pty Ltd. Now, 24 airline services operate at the Perth airport, including 17 international airlines, and 7 domestic airlines.


There are currently 15,000 parking bays at the Perth airport, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find somewhere to park on your visit to the airport. There are also a number of shuttle services, which run between the airport and a number of places of accommodation. For your connecting flights, transport between terminals is easy with a free bus service that runs between the international terminal and the domestic terminal.

Airport Statistics

Approximately 12 million people travelled through the Perth airport, which is over 6 times the population of Perth. Perth airport currently has 2 runways, which handle all flights in and out of the airport, although in the long term development of the airport a third runway is planned. The Perth airport operates flights all over Australia and into much of Asia and the Pacific.


The Perth airport also includes a number of observation areas to view the aircraft arriving and departing, including a public outdoor viewing facility. Each terminal also offers parenting rooms for parents with their young children. WiFi is also located in terminals 1 and 3 of the Perth airport, and in addition there is a lost and found in terminals 1 and 3.

Passenger assistance is available for those who need it, such as those with a disability. These services include options for people with assistance animals, disabled parking, toilet facilities, and help boarding aircraft.

The Perth airport is family friendly and offers things for everyone. It is an airport that is rapidly expanding, and it is easy to get around in because of the shuttles, buses and taxis that are available to passengers. Perth airport is friendly to disabled persons and families, and it offers WiFi to those who need to be connected to the Internet while in the airport such as business people. Perth airport also houses interesting facilities to those who have some extra time between flights, such as its public viewing facilities. Overall, in Perth airport, there is something for everyone.