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    Perth Airport: 2 George Wiencke Dr, Perth WA 6105, Australia

Serving as the gateway into the largest city in the western part of Australia, Perth Airport is a hub for Qantas. The national airline of Australia offers flights to major domestic destinations such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney. These flights to cities within Australia depart from Terminal 4. Hong Kong and Singapore are the only international destinations listed on the schedule operated by Qantas. These international flights take off from Terminal 1 at Perth Airport.

Skywest Airlines is another Australian carrier that is based in Perth Airport. In fact, this regional airline has headquarters in Perth. Skywest Airlines specializes in connecting Western Australia’s largest city with more than a dozen other small communities within the country. Argyle, Broome, Derby, Darwin, Karratha, Newman and Port Hedland are some of the destinations accessible via Skywest Airlines, which uses Terminal 3 at Perth Airport.

Other Australian airline companies serving Perth Airport include Alliance Airlines, Jetstar Airways, Network Aviation, Skippers Aviation, and Virgin Australia. These carriers specialize in regional service and connect Perth with all major parts of Australia.

Most of the other airlines serving Perth Airport are from neighboring Pacific and Asian countries. Air New Zealand invites passengers to Auckland, the company’s home city. AirAsia X and Malaysia Airlines take passengers to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital. Cathay Pacific operates trips to the independent state Hong Kong and China Southern Airlines offers flights to Guangzhou, one of the largest cities within the People’s Republic of China. Thai Airways International connects Perth Airport with Bangkok and Phuket, two major destinations in Thailand. Tiger Airways invites its customers to Singapore Changi Airport in the company’s home base.

Air Mauritius links Perth Airport with Mauritius, a small island nation off the southeastern coast of Africa. Another major African destination that is connected to Perth is Johannesburg. South African Airways offers long haul flights to the largest city in South Africa.

Two major Middle Eastern airlines connect Perth with some of the most important cities in the Arab World. Emirates operates daily trips to Dubai International Airport in the thriving city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Qatar Airways offers flights to Hamad International Airport in Qatar’s capital city.

No European or American airlines serve Perth. To get to Europe, the American continents and other parts of the world, passengers will have to make multiple transfers via some of the major carriers that operate at Perth Airport.