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Pensacola Regional Airport
Pensacola Regional Airport


Pensacola Regional Airport is located mere miles away from both the historic downtown area of Pensacola and the Gulf Islands National Seashore, making this airport one of the most beautiful airports in the country. Pensacola is known for its pristine white beaches, and the traveler should make an effort to experience them first hand if the opportunity presents itself. The airport has a long and distinguished history that begins in the mid 1930s as a private-use airport before being used as a Naval training facility around the World War II years. Shortly after this period of time, major airlines began to show interest in running service out of the airport once again, and Pensacola Regional Airport took off in popularity.

Airport Operations

Pensacola Airport currently handles roughly 1.5 million passengers each year and is open around the clock to serve the needs of their growing clientele. Getting each of them shuttled to where they need to be in a timely manner is an arduous undertaking, and to ensure this happens smoothly, an Airport Administration board has been created to monitor the progress of daily operations.

Passenger Services & Amenities

The Pensacola Regional Airport offers many amenities for travelers such as ATMs, charging stations for cellular phones and laptops located throughout the airport, ample parking for both short term and long term, and free WiFi for passengers is located on the first and second levels of the terminals. Due to the close proximity of Pensacola Regional Airport to the local US Naval base where both the Navy and Marines are stationed, the Pensacola Regional Airport sees a high volume of military traffic. To better accommodate these special travelers, the airport provides our military service members a USO lounge for use where current service members and their families are able to get refreshments and information about departing and arriving service members.

After a nearly 75 year history, the airport has gone through numerous modernization updates in order to provide travelers with the most up to date facilities possible and the largest number of non-stop flight options as possible with this service offered to nearly a dozen cities across the country. With two 7,000 feet runways and twelve gates that are in constant use, the Pensacola Regional Airport is able to provide top quality, prompt service to all passengers that arrive and depart from their facilities.

Sitting on just over one thousand acres of land, the Pensacola Regional Airport is considered to be a small hub primary airport by the Federal Aviation Administration, meaning they handle approximately .05 to .25% of the country’s total aircraft boardings. With ample parking facilities as well as negotiated cab rates with the city of Pensacola within the airport area, getting to and from the airport is incredibly easy for both locals and travelers from abroad.

Another great amenity the Portland Regional Airport offers travelers is a great website that outlines security screening procedures, internal shops and facilities, current weather, and any expected delays. Travelers are encouraged to make themselves familiar with the services available at the airport before traveling so they are able to take advantage of the many great opportunities this airport has to offer.