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Paris Orly Airport
Paris Orly Airport


Paris Orly Airport is one of two primary airports serving Paris, France. Most international air traffic is handled by Charles de Gaulle Airport leaving Orly with the bulk of the domestic passengers making the airport the second busiest in France. Paris Orly Airport, known by the airport code ORY, serves about 28 million passengers each year.

History of the Airport

The Orly airport played a part in World War II. During the German occupation of France the Luftwaffe utilized the field for air operations and was attacked by the Allied air forces. Later in the war, when France is liberated, the field was utilized by American and British forces and attacked by the Germans. After the war, the American Army Air Force continued to use the field until 1947 when it was returned to the control of the French for use as a civilian commercial airfield.

The airport has played a part in several episodes of aviation history. Several record-setting long-haul flights operated from the airfield inaugurating flights to destinations like Los Angeles and Tokyo in the 1950s.


The airport utilizes two passenger terminals labeled West and South with a combined 225 check-in counters and 72 gates. This configuration allows the airport to handle about 30 million passengers per year. Travelers making connects involving an international flight should allow at least an hour between arrival and departure. Domestic flight connections commonly require at least 50 minutes. The airport terminals offer the usual passenger amenities but do not include free Internet. Internet kiosks offer connectivity for a fee around the airport.

Airport Amenities

Young travelers will enjoy the playgrounds provided within the terminals at Paris Orly Airport. The playgrounds are designed to offer educational and fun activities to help children pass the time. Adolescents and young adults will enjoy the game rooms offering video games and other forms of entertainment. Adults can enjoy massages and spa treatments available in each terminal.

Airport Operations

Paris Orly Airport utilizes three runways all with the capacity to handle aircraft of all sizes. The runways range in length from about 3,600 meters or 12,000 feet to 2,400 meters or 7,800 feet. All runways are equipped for night operations and include instrument landing systems. The airfield operates from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. local time with noise restrictions in place.

The cargo terminal at Orly airport provides facilities to load or unload up to four Boeing 747 aircraft at a time. The facility includes the standard airfreight and express cargo facilities including customs stations. The cargo terminal has a capacity of about 800,000 tons per year.

Future plans for Paris Orly Airport include a major upgrade with a price of nearly 500 million Euros. The expansion will modernize much of the airport including the ability to handle the Airbus A380 Super Jumbo aircraft. It will also boost passenger capacity to about 40 million people per year and improve transportation infrastructure within the airport.

Parking at Paris Orly Airport

Parking is a challenge at most major airports and Paris Orly Airport is no exception. The airport offers nearly 20,000 parking spaces with the bulk dedicated to short-term parking. The airport offers shuttle services between the terminals and the parking facilities.