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Paris, the City of Lights, is known throughout the world for its iconic beauty and grandeur. Boasting many centuries worth of history, a wealth of landmarks, attractions and a vibrant, cosmopolitan culture. Paris is a true global city in every sense of the word. Even the most experienced international travelers can’t help but be awed by Paris’ wondrous architecture and wide array of world-class museums, theaters, cultural institutions and historic landmarks. With so much to do and see, it’s impossible to be bored in this truly astounding city.

Located in northern France along the banks of the River Seine, Paris, the world’s most visited city, boasts a mild, temperate climate and fascinating history. Access to Paris is available by car, air, train or bus. The city is known for its rich culture and is a global center of commerce, fashion and politics.

Even if you are in the city for only a few hours its worth a quick drive into town to see some of the amazing sights. If you have a few extra hours due to a longer layover or are even staying in one of Charles de Gaulle airport hotels its worth the time to see some of Paris

Eiffel Tower:

Eiffel Tower (photo by Sean MacEntee )
Distance from Charles de Gaulle Airport: 32.4km

Champ de Mars
Tel: 01 44 11 23 23
9:30am-11pm daily. (until midnight in summer)
Admission charged.
Métro: Trocadéro or Bir-Hakeim
RER: Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel
Children will enjoy particularly the trip to the top and the excitement of looking out from that height. If you think you may ride instead of climbing up all the stairs, remember to go early and to go on a weekday ahead of the crowds to avoid the long waits for the elevators. On a clear day the viewing platforms offer visitors willing and able to wait in line for the elevators, a spectacular glimpse of the city and surrounding area. Just southeast of the tower is a grassy expanse that was once the site of the world’s first balloon flights and is now used by teens as a skateboarding arena.

The Eiffel Towner is 19.7 miles from the airport. This iconic structure needs to introduction. Defining the Paris skyline, the Eiffel Tower is the top landmark to visit while in Paris. A trip to the tower’s observation deck provides spectacular views of the city and surrounding region. A must-see for anyone touring this beautiful city.

Arc de Triomphe:

The Arch de Triomphe is 18 miles from the Charles de Gaulle airport. This iconic arch is a popular tourist spot and home to many souvenir stalls nearby. One of the most photogenic of Paris’ icons, it is not to be missed.

Notre Dame Cathedral:

Notre Dame Cathedral is 20.3 miles away from the airport. The towering Gothic cathedral is a must-see for architecture and history enthusiasts. Its interior is equally astounding.

The Louvre:

louvre I
The Louvre (photo by hjjanisch)

At only 16.4 miles from the Charles de Gaulle airport, the Louvre is a quick drive and allows you to see some of the most famous art in the world. Home of the Mona Lisa, this museum is one of the worlds finest. It holds a plethora of famous paintings and other fantastic artwork.

River Seine:

The river Seine is only 20.3 miles from the airport and makes for a great place for a unique Paris experience. Perfect for river cruises and views of the city.

Latin Quarter:

At only 19.9 miles from the airport, the Latin Quarter gives travelers and look back into the history of Paris. Historic neighborhood famed for its narrow streets and bustling bistros.

Chateau de Versailles:

With a distance of 27.4 miles, Chateau de Versailles is the farthest from Charles de Gaulle airport but if you have the time it is worth the drive. Impressive chateau filled with charm and history.


Pantheon (photo by UltraView Admin)

The Pantheon is 20.1 miles from the airport and is a great location for any traveler. A beautiful and historic church known as the resting place of some of France’s greatest heroes and figures.


Cluny is 20.5 miles from the airport and is a great attraction for history buffs. A fascinating museum that showcases Paris’ medieval history.

Place de la Concorde:

Place de la Concorde is only 19.3 miles from the Charles de Gaulle airport. Paris’ vibrant central square with stunning views of the iconic Avenue des Champs-Elysees and close to many of the city’s renowned museums and art galleries.

With its unique blend of history, culture and beauty, Paris is like no other city on Earth.

Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

Distance from Charles de Gaulle Airport: 37.3km

Tel: 01 60 30 60 30
Open all year, but hours vary with the season
Admission charged. (One two or three day passports available.)
RER: Chessy – end of the line. Free shuttle bus from there (or walk the few feet to park entrance) Disneyland Paris is part of a huge resort that is one-fifth the size of Paris! There are six hotels, an area of wooded campsites, restaurants, shops, golf and tennis, and night entertainment.

Cité de l’Industrie

Distance from Charles de Gaulle Airport: 26.5km

221 Avenue Jean-Jaures
tel.: 01 44 84 44 84
Tues.-Sat. Noon-6 Sun. 10-6
Metro: Porte de Pantin
Admission charged at each attraction.
LaVillette is a modern 35 acre park dotted with sculptures and fountains. It is devoted to science and music. The site once held the city’s slaughter houses, but was converted in recent years to something quite different! The Argonaute, a former French navy submarine, and now a naval museum provides not only instruction, but also a climbing delight for young visitors.

Musée de la Marine (Navy Museum)

Distance from Charles de Gaulle Airport: 30.6km

Place du Trocadéro
Tel.: 01 53 65 69 69
10-6 daily (closed Tuesday)
Admission charged.
Metro: Trocadéro
With the help of scale models and actual vessels, the museum gives the history of maritime transport from battleships to pleasure craft. Ships and ships artifacts of the explorers are included.

France Miniature

Distance from Charles de Gaulle Airport: 59.4km

08 36 68 53 35
Mar. – Nov. 10-7
Admission charged.
SNCF train from La Défense to Verniere them Sqybus no. 411. This remarkable attraction consists of 150 miniature sites of some of France’s most notable attractions. It took 53 architects and model makers over two years to build! Each model is in exact geographic context. All features of the exhibit are built to scale, including the cars, boats and people. In the summer evenings fireworks are offered. Please telephone for schedules and admission charge.