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    Oslo Airport, Gardermoen: Edvard Munchs veg, 2061 Gardermoen, Norway

Oslo Gardermoen Airport
Oslo Gardermoen Airport


The Oslo Airport, which is also known as, the Oslo Gardermoen Airport, sits in the most populated city in Norway. This is the second busiest airport of the Nordic countries. The airport has connections to over 28 domestic locations and greater than 100 International destinations. Due to the mass number of people, which traveled through the airport in 2011, it ranked as number 19 in European airports. The current facilities cover approximately thirteen kilometers, or five miles. The terminal has 52 parking stands for aircraft.

Oslo Gardermoen Airport Amenities

As you enter the terminal, you will notice a light floating roof. The roof is held up by wooden reefers, this allows some natural beauty to surround the terminals. Also, encompassed within the airport, at different locations, travelers can find six different stainless steel sculptures. Carin Wessel used thread to design an impression of clouds and webs. This is titled the Ad Astra. Carin used approximately 100,000 feet of thread to complete this masterpiece. Another must see in the baggage claim area is The Marathon Dancers, they consist of electronic boards that have been placed together, showing a dancing person. The airport also can boast of having a Sound Refreshment Station, this is an area that gently emits refreshing, soothing sounds, such as rain falling. It is activated as you stand beneath it. Travelers can view and enjoy the floor poetry located in various places of the airport. The airport has made travelers welcome and offers them a convenient look of Norwegian architectural and arts.

The Oslo Gardermoen Airport offers free Wi-Fi throughout its buildings. There are banks, both in the arrival and the departure areas for traveler convenience. The airport control tower measures 91 meters high. It has approximately 74 different check-in terminals for passengers to move quickly to their flight destination areas. The airport is known as a silent airport. This simply means that announcements are made in close proximity to their gates of arrival and or departure. The airport is equipped to handle the needs of any disabled passengers. Passenger safety is a high priority for the airport and all of its businesses. They have close to 500 employees to ensure that the airport runs smoothly on a day to day basis.

Fun Facts

Here are a few fun facts about the airport. It is equipped with 50 escalators and has six rolling walkways for passengers. There are 87 elevators also, located within the airport. The airport has 16,636 parking spaces available for their short-term and long- term travelers. Baggage claim areas have a total of nine luggage carousels for fast and easy retrieval of luggage items. The carousel handles about 9,000 pieces of luggage every hour. The airport can easily handle 8,000 arriving and departing travelers each hour. The annual passenger capacity for the airport is approximately 23 million each year.

While traveling through the airport, make sure that you pick up a copy of the award-winning magazine, Airport Magazine 360. Publishing agencies recognized this magazine in 2012. The airport has every amenity available for the comfort and safety of their passengers. The Oslo Gardermoen Airport is located just 35km or 22 miles northeast of the great city of Oslo, Norway.