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Universal Studios Japan
Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan:

Distance from Kansai International Airport: 49.0km

Opened in the spring of 2001, Universal Studios Japan is a hugely popular theme park. Covering 55 hectares, it is the largest of its kind in the country, & visitors flock from as far away as Hong Kong & Taiwan as well as far-flung parts of Japan. If you have a day to spare & like amusement parks, this is the place to go. Open 1000-2200, admission ¥5500. JR Universal City station.

Hankyu Entertainment Plaza:

HEP offers 11 floors of entertainment, shopping & restaurants, including five cinemas, three of which are Osaka’s largest. What is really staggering about this complex is the enormous Ferris Wheel which adorns the top of the building. At its apex it is 106 metres high, making it a good 10 metres taller than New York’s Statue of Liberty. Open daily 1100-2100 (restaurants until 2300). Closed third Thurs each month. Hankyu Umeda station or JR Osaka station.

National Museum of Ethnology:

Distance from Kansai International Airport: 75.4km

Located in Expo Memorial Park, also home to the bizarre concrete & metal Tower of the Sun, the museum has an extensive array of objects from cultures around the world, with good displays of Japanese culture. Open daily 1000-1700. Closed Weds. Admission ¥400. Bunpaku-koen Mae monorail station.

Old Japanese Farmhouse Open Air Museum:

Distance from Kansai International Airport: 60.5km

Nine thatch-roof farmhouses are on display in Ryokuchi-koen Park, forming a collection of traditional Japanese building styles before the country became an industrialised power at the end of the last century. Open daily 0930-1700. Admission ¥410. Esaka underground station.

Osaka-jo Castle
Osaka-jo Castle

Osaka-jo Castle:

Distance from Kansai International Airport: 56.1km

A concrete version of the original dating from 1931, the castle, while not as interesting as others in Japan, is still quite imposing, & views of the city from the eighth floor are excellent. The grounds are good for jogging as well as strolling. Open daily 0900-1700. Admission ¥500. JR Morinomiya station.

River Cruise:

A one-hour Aqualine River Cruise can be taken from the Aqualiner Pier, & makes a good way of seeing the city from its river & canals. Cruises depart on the hour between 1000 & 1600, & cost ¥1,800. From JR Osaka-jo Koen station on the Loop Line, walk west towards the next bridge.

Umeda Sky Building:

Distance from Kansai International Airport: 45.0km

A ten-minute walk north-west of Osaka station brings you to this futuristic twin-towered building, joined at the top. The view from the roof is excellent. Open daily 1000-2230. Admission ¥1,000. Osaka station or JR Fukushima station.

Museum of Oriental Ceramics:

Distance from Kansai International Airport: 51.2km

Enlarged in 1999, this top-class museum houses one of the finest collections of ceramics in the world – some 1,000 items from China, Korea & Japan. Open 0930-1700, closed Mon, admission ¥500 (prices vary for special exhibitions). Yodoyabashi underground station.