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LA/Ontario International Airport
LA/Ontario International Airport


LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT) is a major airport located in the Inland Empire in Los Angeles, California. This busy, full service airport facilitates direct as well as connecting flights to domestic and international destinations and is one of the top fifteen airports that can be found in North America.

History of the LA/Ontario Airport

The airport dates back to 1923 at which time it was known by the name of Latimer Field. In 1929, the airport moved its location to the southwest side of where it stands today and went by the name of Ontario Municipal Airport. During the 1940s, the airport was updated so that it no longer resembled a dirt field. It was given a more modern look and now featured two concrete runways, flight radar and control facilities, as well as landing equipment services. The first runway was more than one mile long and the second was almost one full mile in length. The airport was given the international designation in 1946 at which time it became known as Ontario International Airport. The year 1949 marked a special occasion, as this was the year that ONT first offered commercial services to the public. In 1971, the airport managed to reach its first major milestone as its passenger volume exceeded 1 million for the year. In 1981, the airport spent approximately $20 million to further extend the length of both runways.

Airport Operations

Today, ONT resides on over 1,700 acres of land and features two extended runways. The first runway is more than 2 miles long and the second runway is almost 2 miles in length. Both runways are 150 feet wide each. The airport features terminal 2 and terminal 4, both of which occupy a space of 265,000 square feet each and an International Arrivals Terminal that occupies a space of 40,500 square feet. In addition, ONT contains 35 gates for the convenience of its passengers and over 350,000 square feet of hangar space. The airport has the capability to accommodate an impressive 10 million passengers annually.

In the fiscal year 2011, ONT facilitated over 4.5 million customers and more than 417,000 tons of cargo. In addition, the airport serviced more than 90,000 aircraft takeoffs and landings that same year. ONT regularly facilitates over 114 flights each day and features numerous major airlines.

ONT operates under the management of the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) and is a primary employer with more than 62,000 employees. Of this number, over 7,600 employees are placed in the airport and another 55,000 employees are within the surrounding Inland Empire region. A 1992 study revealed that the airport’s yearly economic impact is approximately $5.4 billion to Southern California.

Airport Amenities

ONT features numerous facilities and services for the convenience of its customers, including a wide and varied selection of shops and restaurants. The airport also provides passengers with convenient banking services and free Wi-Fi service. ONT offers special care to travelers with disabilities or those in need such as the elderly. The airport also offers airport tours and even has pet relief areas.

The airport is committed to the safety of its passengers, providing them with the most efficient services possible utilizing modern systems, equipment, and technology. The airport is dedicated to its communities and regularly sponsors and participates in community events in addition to hosting its own events. ONT is actively involved in community outreach as well as educational programs. ONT is also dedicated to noise management initiatives and programs and continually monitors, addresses and aims to reduce noise effects for the betterment of the surrounding communities.