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Check out some of the great attractions and sights you can explore while staying at an Oakland Airport hotel.

Bay Area Discovery Museum

Distance from Oakland Airport: 27.8mi

This museum features hands-on exhibits for children. Kids can climb on a fishing boat, learn to ride a unicycle, create clay animation movies.

Cable Car Barn & Museum

Distance from Oakland Airport: 20.7mi

1201 Mason/Washington (M,5) (415) 474-1887
Visitors come here to learn about one of San Francisco’s most enduring icons, the cable car. Displays on the history of San Francisco’s cable cars include information on how they work, how they developed, and how they are built.

Hershey Factory & Visitor Center
Hershey Factory & Visitor Center

Hershey Factory & Visitor Center

120 South Sierra Ave., Oakdale. (209) 848-8126
Visitors enjoy free tours showing the process of making Hershey chocolate from cocoa beans to candy bars. The world of Hershey is vast, and guests get to see it all. Free samples of the end product are available.

Morrison Planetarium

Distance from Oakland Airport: 24.2mi

Located at the Academy, Golden Gate Park/8th Ave. (C, 10) (415) 750-7141
Part of Golden Gate Park, this attraction is renowned for its star and sky shows. Bringing the universe to guests, the Planetarium also features a Laserium, a laser light and music show.


Distance from Oakland Airport: 20.7mi

Beach/Embarcadero (M, 2) (415) 981-PIER
San Francisco’s version of the old-fashioned boardwalk, this site features over 100 specialty shops, 10 restaurants and family attractions including Turbo Ride, the Venetian Carousel and the famous California sea lions.

Steinhart Aquarium

Distance from Oakland Airport: 24.2mi

At the Academy, GG Park/8th Ave. (C, 10) (415) 750-7145
Another part of the science offerings of Golden Gate Park, the Steinhart Aquarium holds more than 1,000 species of salt and fresh water fishes, reptiles, amphibians, marine mammals and even penguins. Visitors should look out for feeding times!

UnderWater World

Distance from Oakland Airport: 20.6mi

PIER 39 (M, 2) (415) 546-2700
This World takes you right to the fish in a very unique way! UnderWater World is America’s first “under the sea” aquarium experience. Visitors walk through the all-new 707,000-gallon aquarium in sea-through tunnels. Guests get to get much closer to marine life than conventional aquariums allow.



Distance from Oakland Airport: 21.4mi

No visit to San Francisco would be complete without a visit to America’s most famous prison. No one has ever escaped from “the Rock” to tell the tale. This prison housed some of America’s most feared criminals in the middle of San Francisco bay. Closed for over several decades, Alcatraz is one of San Francisco’s most visited attractions. Visitors tour the island and get a taste of life “on the inside.”

Golden Gate Bridge

Distance from Oakland Airport: 25.6mi

This landmark is a symbol of San Francisco and the Bay Area. The Bridge is an architectural marvel, and is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. The two towers are purposely out of alignment in order to compensate for the curvature of the earth. Its orange shape is beautiful to behold, whether it is on a clear day, or peaking above the rolling fog of the bay. Visitors should drive across it, take photographs of it, and enjoy this national landmark.

USS Hornet Museum
USS Hornet Museum

USS Hornet Museum

Distance from Oakland Airport: 8.6mi

Located at the former Naval Air Station in Alameda. (888) 865-2812
This World War II aircraft carrier should interest naval history buffs, space program enthusiasts, and anyone looking to see something truly awesome from American history. The carrier is 900 ft. long and has played a significant role in several key events in American history.


Distance from Oakland Airport: 19.5mi

Some of San Francisco’s first immigrants were from China, and their influence on the city is notable. Chinatown has grown over the years, and is now a Mecca for Asian culture and cuisine. Visitors will enjoy the atmosphere, the history, and the contribution of this important group of San Francisco residents. From the original Chinese laundries, to the best Chinese food in the West, Chinatown has lots to offer everyone.


Distance from Oakland Airport: 21.1mi

Millions visit this part of San Francisco each year to gaze across the piers, take in the local scene, and enjoy the attractions of numerous restaurants and fun things to do. Fisherman’s wharf represents a modern San Francisco, but at a little slower pace. Visitors love the neighborhood and take in the sight of regulars and other visitors. San Francisco bay is beautiful from here!