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Nice’s Human Sundial

Distance from Nice Airport: 7.4km

Want to be a human sundial? You can. Walk along the Promenade des Anglais to the Pointe des Ponchettes beneath the chateau rock. There is a sundial here that you can be a part of. Just stand at the correct place and your shadow will indicate the time. Be sure to have a picture taken for the folk’s back home.

Phoenix – Parc Floral de Nice

Distance from Nice Airport: 2.8km

An aviary, thousands of flowers, and exotic butterflies can be found at Phoenix Park at 405 Promenade des Anglais across from Nice’s airport. The huge “green diamond”, the largest greenhouse in Europe, has a number of different tropical climates with tropical forests, plants, birds and even butterflies. The best time to see the butterflies is mid-April when they are released in the greenhouse.

Monastery Garden

Distance from Nice Airport: 15.0km

The Franciscan Monastery at Place du Monastère de Cimiez, behind the Cimiez Amphitheater Park on the Cimiez hill has lovely gardens and pergolas, filled fruit trees, flowers, and a small, thick wooded area. While crowded at times, you can still find peaceful spots to relax in. Check out the ancient sundial (cadran solaire) facing the gardens at the end of the monastery.

Carpeaux Square

Distance from Nice Airport: 15.6km

On a small hill at the top end of Ave. Borriglione, between Ave. George Sand and Ave Chateaubriand is nice park where you can visit the Temple de Diane at the top, and get a great view south to Nice’s city center. Relax under the big trees, walk the lawns or sit on the benches at different levels. There is a small fenced playground for small children.

Botanical Garden

Distance from Nice Airport: 5.0km

The Botanical Garden at 78 Ave de la Corniche Fleurie on the west side of Nice, near Sainte-Marguerite has a great collection of Mediterranean plants, as well as tropical plants. It does not matter what time of the year you visit, something will be in flower as Mediterranean plants flower usually in late winter.

Vieille Ville
Vieille Ville

Vieille Ville (Old Town)

Distance from Nice Airport: 8.8km

Explore “vieille ville” with its narrow streets winding between old buildings with red-tile roofs. You can almost feel like you have been transported back in time to a medieval village. Shops, small restaurants and shoppers packed the streets. Buy wine by the bottle or the barrel and a variety of fresh-made ravioli and other pasta. Smell the flowers daily in the flower market in the Cours Saleya or purchase farmers’ produce a food market in the mornings. On the seaside of the Cours Saleya are low buildings that once housed the fishermen’s catch but now are seafood restaurants. Terrace cafés, the grand Prefecture and lovely old buildings lined the opposite side.

Beaches of Nice

Distance from Nice Airport: 9.0km

Nice has beaches and beaches that stretch along the coast. Those from Nice to Antibes are shingle or smooth stones. The beaches from Antibes-Juan-les-Pins to Cannes are sand. So what will it be? Building sandcastles, or skipping stones out across the water?

Promenade des Anglais

Distance from Nice Airport: 7.4km

The Promenade des Anglais runs nearly 7 km around the Baie des Anges. You can take a leisurely “promenade”, sit and watch the sea – and the sunbathers on the beach, or do some jogging and roller-skating. I think I will just sit here awhile and watch – ah – the sea.


Distance from Nice Airport: 10.7km

Cimiez, on a hill a couple of km from the town center, is an hour’s walk, or a short bus ride. Here you will find a large park amidst olive groves, the Archeology museum, Matisse museum and the Franciscan Museum and Monastery. The Nice Jazz Festival is held here in the olive groves and the Roman Amphitheater during August.

The Chateau

Distance from Nice Airport: 10.4km

“Le Chateau” is where an old castle, destroyed in 1706, used to sit on top of a high rock hill overlooking Nice old town and the port. Today it is a great place to visit. Walk in the cool shade of the trees, look out over Nice and the Mediterranean, and relax in the large grassy park. Your kids can have fun in the playground or join you in exploring the Roman ruins and visiting the waterfall. There are several ways to get there. From the Quai des Etats Unis, you can climb the stairs to the observation platform on top of the Naval Museum, and then up more steps and various walkways to the top of the hill. Or you can take the elevator. From old town, take Rue Rossetti from the Cathedral Ste Réparate up the steps and walkways past the cemeteries. You can also drive or walk up the Montée.