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Newark Liberty International Airport
Newark Liberty International Airport


Newark Liberty International Airport is one of the three airports that service New York City. This airport is a large one, with many flights coming into and out of the airport on a daily basis. The Newark Liberty International Airport has the honor of not only being a major United States airport, but being the first one in the country. It is also the busiest of the three airports servicing New York City. The Newark Liberty International airport services nearly 34 million passengers each year.

History of the Airport

The history of the Newark Liberty International Airport began on the first day of October in 1928, which is the day the door to this airport opened. Like many of the airports in the United States, during World War II, commercial flights were stopped at Newark Liberty International Airport and the United States Army took over the airport as its own. It wasn’t until 1946 that the airport reopened to commercial flights. It later underwent several different renovations to make it a larger and more functional facility. The Newark Liberty International Airport serviced 144 flights every week back in 1957, which made it the busiest airport in the country. However, it wouldn’t be called the Newark Liberty International Airport until the 1970s.

Airport Operations

The Newark Liberty International Airport has three runways. The longest of which is 11,000 feet. The airport has three terminals. The first two, terminal A and terminal B, were built in 1973. Both are four stories tall. Terminal C was not completed until 1988 and has only two levels. The building for Terminal C was built at the same time as the other two terminals but remained empty for years until it was needed. There is a grand total of 57 gates in terminal C alone. Each of the three terminals has three concourses, each designed to handle specific aircraft and different airlines.

Parking at Newark Liberty Airport

The Newark Liberty International Airport has several different parking options for airline passengers. Each one caters to drivers with E-Z Passes. The short-term parking lots at the airport are located in three different places. The first is in the parking garage connected to Terminal C. The second and third short-term parking lots are located across from the other two terminals. Spaces in the garage located in Terminal C can be reserved online. Daily lots for daily passengers are located in parking lots one and three as well as in parking lot four. In parking lot four, passengers can reserve spots online. Long-term parking is available in parking lot six, which is three miles from the terminals at Newark Liberty International Airport, which means passengers are required to use the shuttle service to get to and from the airport and their personal vehicles. However, there are long-term parking spaces for people with restricted mobility located close to the terminals.

Restricted mobility lots are located in each of the different parking garages at the Newark Liberty International Airport. Each one is close to the terminal for convenience. However, there are only a certain number of these spots, which is why the airport recommends passengers in need of a handicap parking space reserve one online as soon as they book their flight. Valet parking is available in parking garage four. All drivers have to do is drop their cars off here for valet. They can call the number on their ticket to have their cars waiting for them when they land at the Newark Liberty International Airport. Anyone parking for more than 30 days at the airport needs to notify airport officials or their vehicle will be towed and the expense will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Airlines Serving Newark Airport

Serving as a major gateway into the New York Metropolitan Area, Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is home to some of the largest airline companies in the United States. The airport in Newark is one of the busiest domestic hubs for United Airlines. In fact, Newark Liberty International Airport is only one of two East Coast hubs for this Chicago based airline company. More than three quarters of all destinations that are offered at the airport are operated by United Airlines.

First and Foremost, United Airlines links the city of Newark, NJ with some of the biggest metropolitan regions in the United States. The main airports in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and Seattle are all accessible when flying on the United Airlines fleet.

The international service at Newark Liberty International Airport is dominated by United Airlines. The airline controls long haul flights to major European destinations such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Dublin, Istanbul, Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, and Rome. Additionally, United Airlines links Newark with important cities in the United Kingdom including Birmingham, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Manchester.

Of course, Newark’s busiest airline operates non-stop trips to other cities on the American continents. Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, and Peru are on the list of South American service offered by United Airlines. Canada and the Caribbean islands are also conveniently accessible through this large American carrier. The extensive United Airlines schedule also reaches out as far as Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific region. Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport is entirely dedicated to United Airlines and the company’s regional service known as United Express.

Passengers at Newark Liberty International Airport can also count on other major domestic airlines for service within the United States. American Airlines, American Eagle, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, and Southwest Airlines invite passengers to various regions of the country. Most of these American airline companies operate in Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Several large European airlines connect Newark Liberty International Airport with important capital cities in Europe. Flag carriers such as Alitalia, British Airways, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Swiss International Airlines, and TAP Portugal offer non-stop flights from Newark. The only non-European airlines serving Newark Liberty International Airport include Israel’s flag carrier El Al and India’s national airline Air India. Most of the international airlines use Terminal B at Newark Liberty International Airport. Air Canada and WestJet link Newark with some of the largest cities in Canada. These two Canadian companies use Terminal A.