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    Domodedovo International Airport: Domodedovo, Moscow Oblast, Russia

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Domodedovo Caves

Distance from Moscow Domodedovo Airport: 9.8km

Visitors who are thrilled by the unique qualities of nature enjoy a trip to the underground caves of Domodedovo and nearby Nikitskie and Syanovskie. Scenic and rural, visiting these fascinating underground caves gives travelers a glimpse into the pretty countryside of the historic Domodedovo area.

Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve
Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve

Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve

Distance from Moscow Domodedovo Airport: 36.4km

Culture lovers enjoy exploring the cultural exhibits as well as the extensive grounds of the Kolomenskoye Museum Reserve. This interesting collection is found within an estate that is centuries old. The compelling art and architectural museum that was built in 1923 offers a learning opportunity for travelers. Located nearby is the Ascension church, which stands out because it was built from white stone, in contrast to other structures in the area.

The Ascension

Distance from Moscow Domodedovo Airport:

The Ascension church was built in 1532, during the time when the country was anxiously awaiting the birth of a new heir to the throne, the man who would later in life become known as Ivan the Terrible. This stunning display of architecture, and especially its starkly white colored columns, went outside of traditional Byzantine era architecture that was found in most of the area.

Moscow Center

Moscow Center

Distance from Moscow Domodedovo Airport: 57.7km

The historic Moscow center is another attraction that should not be missed on a visit to Domodedovo. Sights that all visitors should see include the monument to the Marshal of the Soviet Union, G.K. Zhukov. Constructed on a 100 ton marble pedestal, this statue is of the Marshal during a victory march and is one of the most photographed sights in Moscow.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

Distance from Moscow Domodedovo Airport: 45.1km

St. Basil’s Cathedral is another well-known attraction found in Moscow’s city center. The building is over 450 years old and is one of the most iconic attractions in the city. Red Square, the State Department Store known as GUM and the Aleksandrovsky Garden near Revolution Square are other historic sites well worth seeing on a visit to the historic Moscow center in Moscow.

The Kremlin

Distance from Moscow Domodedovo Airport: 53.6km

The Kremlin was originally composed of eighteen square shaped towers, but two more were added in the 17th century, bringing the number of towers to twenty. All the towers are built in square shapes, except for three of them. The tallest tower is known as Troizkaya and it was built in 1495.

Cathedral Square

Distance from Moscow Domodedovo Airport: 53.3km

While visiting the Kremlin, visitors must also see Cathedral Square, which is also called the heart of the Kremlin. Six buildings surround the Kremlin, three of which are Cathedrals. The prominent features include a facade created from pure limestone, with golden capped domes. There are a variety of famous leaders buried there, including Peter, Makarii and several Muscovite monarchs.

Moscow Zoo

Distance from Moscow Domodedovo Airport: 51.1km

Located about 25 miles north of the Domodedovo airport is the world-famous Moscow Zoo. Founded in 1864, this zoo has experienced many expansions and improvements over the years. Today, it is home to over 8,200 animals from over 970 species. Some of the newest exhibits include the night creature exhibit, a fascinating sea aquarium, a special children’s section, an aviary and an exhibit of sea lions that always draws attention. The zoo features two interesting main sections connected by a foot bridge.