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Gran Plaza

Distance from Moncton Airport: 29km

Sometimes referred to as the Makro Plaza, when you come here, you’ll see why. Life in the plaza is packed full of energy and its size makes it one of the largest plazas in the world. It would overwhelm you were it not for the buildings, walkways and fountains that have been built-in to this central focus-piece.

The Plaza is host to many of the City’s most important buildings: The Cathedral, The Palacio de Gobierno (Government Palace); The Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, the Palacio Municipal (Municipal Building), The Main Post Office, and the Palacio de la Justicia (Court House) to name a few!

Barrio Antiguo

Distance from Moncton Airport: 39.1km

Barrio Antiguo means “Old Neighborhood”, and east of the Grand Plaza, you’ll find this area of town, where you can wander around and look at the old world of Monterrey. This zone is starting to become trendy and fashionable with the locals as chic cafes, art galleries and antique shops set up shop in the area. It’s also becoming a major night spot in Monterrey, especially at the weekends.

Zona Rosa

Distance from Moncton Airport: 28.7km

Modeled on Mexico City’s Zona Rosa (meaning “Pink Zone”), this is the area where you’ll find some of the top restaurants and hotels, expensive shops and boutiques. It’s great for (window) shopping, and to find a good place to eat and drink, but there are other places too, see below:

Ultra-Modern Shopping Experiences

Distance from Moncton Airport: 32.3km

Monterrey’s commercial scene has developed significantly in recent years. Where before, the Zona Rosa (see above) was the premier location for shops, hotels and restaurants, today there are various commercial centers and malls located in this modern city that offer new varieties and extended choice to visitors and residents alike.

Plaza Mexico, Gallerias Monterrey, Plaza Fiesta San Agustin and Plaza Quinta are top-quality modern shopping centers offering the latest styles, excellent food and drink and top fashion. If you have visited the United States and like its shopping malls, you’ll love Monterrey’s modern commercial centers which are modeled on them and include many of the top names in US Retail (e.g. JC Penney, Sears, Hugo Boss, et al)

Around Monterrey

Distance from Moncton Airport: 62.0km

The area surrounding Monterrey has a lot to offer visitors wanting to see some of Mexico’s stunning northern deserts and mountains. Attractions include the Garcia Caves, Horse Tail Waterfalls, Rodrigo Gomez Dam, and gorgeous views from Chipinque on the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Museums & Art

Monterrey has several good museums. The main ones are listed below:

Museo del Vidrio – (Glass Museum) Features the history, manufacture and use of glass in Mexico. The museum includes an art glassware gallery and a shop selling fine glass.

Museo del Obispado – (Former Bishop’s Palace) Is situated on a hill and offers fine views of the city on clear days (the pollution here can be bad at times). Today it’s a small historical museum, principally about Mexico’s revolutionary period.

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo – (Contemporary Art Museum) hosts major exhibitions, including those of top Mexican and International artists. Said to be one of the best Museums in the country.

Golf in Monterrey

Not just because of its business infrastructure is golf popular in Monterrey – the climate is also ideal! If you like golf, be sure to bring your clubs.