Spending money abroad is a must, but can be nerve-wracking for new travelers. Knowing how to exchange money, traveler’s checks, and using debit and credit cards is a must. Exchange rates determine how much foreign money you will receive for each given dollar, or other type of currency that you will be giving. Listed below are some tips for exchanging money.

  • When exchanging your Cash or Traveler’s Check it is best to shop around to find the best rate. Rates can vary from bank to bank. Exchange Rates can usually be found posted on the door or window.
  • Credit cards are often more convenient and safer than cash, but often have extra fees, and charges.
  • Sometimes, retailers will allow you to pay them directly with traveler’s checks.
  • It is good practice to avoid exchanging money at the local bank before you leave. Better exchange rates can be found in the foreign country that you are traveling to.
  • Remember that exchange rates are constantly changing. If you wait you might be able to find a better rate, but be aware that rates go up and down so tomorrow’s rate might be higher, or lower.

ATM Locator

ATM LocatorFinding ATM’s that accept, without fees, the Debit, or Credit Cards you have can be challenging. Having Money while traveling is important and knowing where to locate money is even more important. Popular Card companies include: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Star Cards. We offer links to each of these for your convenience. Listed below are links to major card companies ATM locators. Use these links to locate ATMs near airports or other destinations worldwide.

Currency Converter

In need of a Currency Converter? Look no further! Traveling to a new country always presents challenges. One of those challenges is often converting foreign money into currency excepted in that country. Located to the left is a currency converter that will give you up to date exchange rates for the country of origin, and the designation. Enter the amount, type of currency to be converted, and the currency you would like to convert in the designated areas to the left. Once you arrive at your designation, ATM’s and currency exchanges are often located at the airport, or at nearby banks.