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    Il Caravaggio International Airport: Via Aeroporto, 13, 24050 Orio Al Serio BG, Italy

Milan Bergamo-Orio al Serio Airport
Milan Bergamo-Orio al Serio Airport


Milan Bergamo-Orio al Serio Airport, also known simply as Milan-Bergamo or Orio al Serio, is one of the three major airports serving Milan, Italy. Serving more than 8 million passengers annually, Milan Bergamo is the fourth busiest airport in the country. Located 28 miles from Milan and easily reached from all over Lombardy, the airport is popular with budget conscious travelers seeking to take advantage of its many low-cost airlines.


The history of Milan Bergamo Airport dates back to the first airfields in Osio Sotto, where an airfield was opened in 1911. Following the addition of small airfields, a military airport was eventually opened at Orio al Serio in 1939. After the war, the airport remained in military hands until 1970, when civilian activity was finally allowed.

Although the first commercial flight took off from Milan Bergamo in 1972, the next 30 years saw a series of setbacks that had the airport on the brink of collapse. A reputation for great service coupled with the addition of a number of low cost and regional airlines led to a boom in airport traffic during the late 1990s and early 2000s. The growth in passenger numbers has continued over the last ten years, soaring from about a million a year in 2000 to more than 8 million in 2011.

Airport Operations

In terms of layout, Milan Bergamo currently has operations available for cargo, general aviation, and commercial flights. One passenger terminal is supplemented by two runways measuring 9,630 ft. and 2,552 ft.

Airport Amenities

Milan Bergamo offers a number of services and amenities for its guests, beginning with a tourist office that is open seven days a week. The office offers free information, hotel services, and more. Other useful services include two banks, a money broker and foreign exchange, and a pharmacy. A church is also located in the terminal and is open 24/7.

Although all passengers can take advantage of the airport’s VIP services, business travelers may find the relaxing atmosphere of the VIP lounge the most enjoyable. The Orio al Serio VIP lounge offers a range of services including Television, TV Text, and TV SKY link, comfortable chairs, newspapers and electrical plug-ins for computers. Additionally, VIP guests can take advantage of dedicated passenger check-in, telecheck-in, and a light refreshment service offering drinks and snacks.

Meanwhile, disabled persons will find access to the airport comfortable and easy. In addition to free parking, disabled persons can take advantage of special assistance to make getting through the airport even easier. A special Sala Amica lounge is also available to provide disabled persons with a calm and relaxing place to wait for their flight.


Located 28 miles from Milan and only 3 miles from Bergamo, Milan Bergamo airport is conveniently situated in a region known for both tourism and industry. Luckily, the numerous surface transportation options make getting to the airport an easy trip for everyone.

A train station located at Bergamo is only a 10-minute bus ride from the airport. Shuttle buses also link the airport to Bergamo, Milan, and many other popular destinations. Additionally, a number of taxi and car rentals (with or without drivers) are available in advance or at the airport. Car rentals at Milan Bergamo include offerings from a good number of popular European and Global companies.


Those who choose to drive will find a number of parking options available at the airport. A short-term parking lot is available in front of the terminal, while covered and uncovered terminal parking is available next to the terminal and features a free shuttle bus. Special parking for chartered flights can be found among the airport’s 5,000 parking spots.