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    Milano Malpensa Airport: Aeroporto Milano Malpensa, 21010 Ferno Varese, Italy

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Sesto Calende

Distance from Milan Malpensa Airport: 17.4km

Just 10 minutes by car from Malpensa Airport lies the charming village of Sesto Calende. Perfect for a day trip or just a few hours of contemplative enjoyment, this little village features an open-air market with handcrafted items, fresh fruits and vegetables, artisanal cheeses, wines and other delicious food items. Little shops line the squares filled with gift items, chocolates and fine clothing. There’s also an excellent example of a village church in l’Oratorio di San Vincenzo, with its handmade roof tiles and walls filled with frescoes.

Lake Maggiore
Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore

Distance from Milan Malpensa Airport: 49.5km

The tip of Lake Maggiore is a 15-minute drive from Malpensa, offering a tantalizing glimpse of the magical lake district that has enchanted visitors to Italy’s Piedmont region for centuries. Simply strolling along the shore or taking a delicious lunch in one of the shoreside trattorias makes a wonderfully diverting afternoon. The lake also offers pristine water for swimming and boat rides that highlight the beautiful natural scenery of the region. There are white swans that grace the surface of the water and feeding them a handful of bread is a soothing way to pass the time in this relaxing and lovely region.


Distance from Milan Malpensa Airport: 4.2km

The medieval ruins of Castelnovate lie just to the west of Malpensa. Thought to have been constructed on the ruins of a Roman fort, this ancient fortress commands a view of the surrounding countryside and makes an evocative locale for observing the building techniques of the ancient masons. Some finds in the area date to 1,000 B.C. and a stroll through the nearby town allows for appreciation of this historic area.

Basilica of San Gaudenzio
Basilica of San Gaudenzio

Basilica of San Gaudenzio and Novara Cathedral

Distance from Milan Malpensa Airport: 46.4km

The city of Novara is just a handful of kilometers from the airport and has a lovely skyline punctuated by historic churches and tile roofs. The Basilica of San Gaudenzio and Novara Cathedral are well worth a visit for their soaring marble naves and religious art. There are also some Roman walls in fine condition within the city that beckon visitors for a glimpse. The city has several pretty piazzas decorated by fountains and Piazza Martiri in particular is overshadowed by the stunning Castello Visconteo-Sforzesco, the former residence of Milanese dukes.

The City of Gallarate

Distance from Milan Malpensa Airport: 13.2km

Gallarate is a city just 15 minutes from Malpensa that features a bascilica of San Pietro from the 11th century. There are also excellent examples of Baroque and Rococo architecture throughout the town. As the city was once a center for the textile industry, there are several historic factories to visit, as well as homes of the well-to-do businessmen that line the squares, making this town an excellent destination for those who love architecture and history.

Shoping At The Airport

Distance from Milan Malpensa Airport: 0.0km

With more than one hundred shops, Malpensa Airport almost doubles as a shopping mall and is almost a city in its own right, offering the visitors who pass through its halls the opportunity to purchase fine quality items duty-free. Haute couture names mix freely with more pedestrian brands as shoppers can find nearly anything they might need or want. There are also a few grocery outlets perfect for crafting a light picnic.