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    Milano Malpensa Airport: Aeroporto Milano Malpensa, 21010 Ferno Varese, Italy

Malpensa International Airport contains two terminals. Terminal One operates all domestic and intercontinental, and international flights, while Terminal Two services charter flights. In 2010, Malpensa International Airport was deemed the twenty-first busiest airport in terms of passengers in Europe. That says a lot about the airport and its quality of offered services. All major European and international airline carriers service Malpensa International Airport. That said, flights to all major Italian and European cities are available from this airport.

The busiest domestic routes from Malpensa International Airport are Naples, Rome, and Catania. This makes a quick trip across Italy easy and hassle free. Carriers also fly to major European cities, with the most traveled being to Barcelona and Madrid, Spain; Paris, France; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and London, United Kingdom. The most traveled international flights are to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates; New York, in the United States; Istanbul, Turkey; and Moscow, Russia. With such an array of options, it is easy to travel nearly anywhere within Europe from Malpensa International Airport.

The largest airline carriers to service Malpensa International Airport are Aer Lingus, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa Air, and Turkish Airlines. As previously stated, these airlines all operate out of Terminal One. With such close proximity, transferring between airlines is an easy procedure.

On that note, Lufthansa Air announced that it plans to make Malpensa International Airport its first “hub”-meaning, it has dedicated air travel to the airport in order to get passengers to other destinations-outside of Germany. This is an important step for making Malpensa International Airport one of Europe’s premier, most traveled airports.

Malpensa International Airport offers excellence in terms of service. Passengers and travelers will never be at a loss for figuring out their travel plans and getting to where they want to go, be it in Italy, Europe, or around the world.