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    Marseille Provence Airport: 13727 Marignane, France

Serving the second largest city in France, Marseille Provence Airport is served by over 20 airlines. It makes sense that one of the largest airports in France is also a major hub for Air France. The French flag carrier offers scheduled trips all year long to capital cities in Europe such as Athens, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, and Rome. These trips within continental Europe depart from the gates at Terminal 3. All year long, Air France also operates long haul flights to non-European destinations such as Marrakech, Moscow, Tel Aviv, and Tunis. The flights to destinations outside of Europe take off Terminal 1.

Passengers at Marseille Provence Airport can also count on Air France for reliable domestic service that is available in Terminal 4. Bordeaux, Lilles, Lyon, Nantes, and Toulouse are some major cities within France that are directly linked to Marseille. Of course, the national airline of France also operates direct journeys to the country’s capital city. In fact, the Air France fleet lands in the Charles de Gaulle International Airport and Orly Airport in Paris.

Aigle Azur is another domestic airline that operates in Marseille Provence Airport. Although it is based in Paris, this medium size carrier offers flights exclusively to destinations within Algeria, one of the largest French speaking countries in the world outside of France. Algiers, Annaba, Constantine, Oran, and Tlemcen are the Algerian cities that are accessible via Aigle Azur. Interestingly, Air Algerie connects Marseille to the same destinations that are offered by Aigle Azur. Both of the airlines operate in Terminal 1 at Marseille Provence Airport.

One of the busiest schedules at Marseille Provence Airport belongs to Ryanair. Based in Ireland, Ryanair is well known as the largest low cost airline in Europe. Ryanair operates scheduled flights to major cities in France’s neighboring countries. Brussels, Eindhoven, Groningen, Palermo, Porto, Rome, and Seville make up the Ryanair timetable at Marseille Provence Airport. Ireland’s major low cost airline also operates reliable domestic service from Marseille. The Irish airline offers trips to Beauvaius Tille Airport and Chalons Vatry Airport, which are two small regional airports near Paris. During the vacation season, Ryanair operates flights to diverse locations such as Cagliari, Malaga, Stockholm, and Tangier.

Some of the major European airlines serving Marseille Provence Airport are Air Malta, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Iberia, Lufthansa, TAP Portugal, and Ukraine International Airlines.

By offering non-stop flights to Montreal and Quebec City, Air Transat connects Marseille with two major cities in Canada’s French speaking province of Quebec. This Canadian airline operates in Terminal 1 at Marseille Provence Airport.