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    Manston, Kent's International Airport
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    Manston, Kent's International Airport: Manston, Ramsgate, Kent CT12 5BL, United Kingdom

Manston, Kent’s International Airport provides commercial air service to the region of Kent, England. The airport is also known as Manston Airport with and by the airport code of MSE. The airport serves a limited commercial passenger schedule and does not serve as a hub for any carrier.

Primary commercial passenger service is provided by KLM Airlines operating the route under its KLM Cityhopper label. This regional carrier provides international service to its hub at Amsterdam as its only route from Manston, Kent’s International Airport. Connections at the Amsterdam hub would allow travelers access to anywhere in the world.

Flybe airline offers budget and vacation charters to various destinations based on the season and demand. For example, during the winter ski season flybe may offer flights from Manston Airport to the Alps of Switzerland. Summer destinations may include the beaches of the Mediterranean. Travelers on flybe airlines have limits on the size and weight of bags.

Newmarket Holidays operates under a similar concept but often packages airfare and accommodations together for ready-made holidays. Newmarket offers special packages based around concerts or other entertainment events for travelers looking for a quick break. It also accommodates travelers wishing to combine air travel and sea cruise adventures.

Jersey Travel flies from Manston, Kent’s International Airport to vacation and holiday destinations on the Islands of Jersey and Guernsey. Travelers can combine air travel and accommodations or book each component of the holiday separately. The airline does not operate on a set schedule but offers flights and vacation packages on a regular basis. CityJet offers a similar summer only schedule to Jersey for vacationers.

Several cargo carriers provide service to and from Manston, Kent’s International Airport. Air Cargo Germany is most notable with scheduled service to the European mainland and Africa. Other cargo carriers operate on a charter or on-demand basis with most offering service to Europe and Africa.