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Distance from Malaga Airport: 143km

Alhambra , Malaga (Spain)
It will take several hours to drive to Granada from Malaga so plan to stay overnight so you have time to tour the Alhambra properly. The Alhambra is an enormous palace that was built over hundreds of years, starting in the 13th century. It was home to the Nasrid Sultans who ruled the region. It is, quite simply, majestic. But unlike the cold, formal palaces of England or France, the Alhambra is warm and colorful with vast, pungent gardens and many small fountains. There are several sections to the Alhambra, each with a distinctive character and it will take at least 3 hours to get through the whole thing. It is the only ‘tourist attraction’ I have ever been where I wanted to go again the next day. The Alhambra sits on top of a hill, overlooking Granada and you should make sure to see it at night, when the lights of the city make it look even more mysterious.

Amigos Resort (Los)

Distance from Malaga Airport: 30.1km

The resort offered two evening activities which we signed up for. The first was a Flamenco evening, and though this was expensive, it was a fine evening’s entertainment. We opted for just seeing the show rather than both the show and dinner, which would have been €100 per couple. We paid €60 but the dancing was magnificent and very impressive. It was held at the Hotel Torrequebrada in Fiengola near Malaga, a 5-star hotel, and one drink per customer was included.
The dance performance was truly impressive. Flamenco is a highly physical and passionate dance form and the ladies, dressed in full-skirted highly ornate dance gowns and the men in skin tight trousers and waistcoats adorned shirts danced with a fierce passion and energy which made the stage thunder and tremble. The gypsy-arab influence is striking and clipping sounds of the castenettes and the rhythmic cadence of the dancing was awe inspiring. A really beautiful performance. We clapped and clapped ’til our hands were sore …!

Torcal de Antequera

Distance from Malaga Airport: 58.2km

Above Antequera , Malaga (Spain)
Torcal is a generic name meaning something close to Tor in English; i.e. rocky outcrop. This gives little idea of the volume and magical beauty of the rocks on the mountain top.
If you are in any doubt which coloured marks to follow, let me resolve it for you. Do both – or all if there are more now.
By both I mean yellow and red. They are very different but both are the route to seeing fabulous shapes and views.


Distance from Malaga Airport: 59.5km

Bus ride from Málaga , Malaga (Spain)
Apart from its Torcal, which is covered separately, the town itself is well worth seeing and justifies a stop.
I shall not be submitting an acommodation entry, only because I have forgotten the name of the excellent pensio opposite to the market, but I will say a bit about it here. When I first stayed there were only shared bathrooms but last time my friend and I shared a twin room with comfortable beds, plenty of space and an excellent shower in the en-suite room. Meals are served in the evening. They are remarkably cheap and very basic I suppose but I have always been well satisfied and I have never enjoyed hake [merluza] more anywhere.
There is a ruined castle at the top of the town, accessed via a park and a great place it is for a picnic. Then there are several fine churches which merit a look. The greatest pride of the town, though is a group of three high quality dolmens just outside on the main road – quite close together. Like Alora it can often be a useful place for a first or last night as there is a good bus service to Malaga but it also makes a good centre for the train to Granada, Cordoba or Ronda -and on to Algeciras and Gibraltar.

Andalusian Horse Show
Andalusian Horse Show

Andalusian Horse Show

Distance from Malaga Airport: 25.5km

Finca El Cartujano , Malaga (Spain)
Never heard of the Andalusian breed? They were the breedstock for the Vienna Lipizaner Stallions. In this show you marvel at the cooperation between horse and rider. It starts with a visit to the stalls where the horses are prepared for the show. Be sure to ask the groom for tips on braiding. Then relax with drinks and a self guided tour of the family’s museum. There you can see items of the bull fight and a beautifully crafted horse drawn carriage.
After your tour, it’s off to the circular arena – be sure to enter on the side, and not into the arena like a couple late-arrivers did during our show.
Narration in both Spanish and English explains the riding styles. You’ll see high-stepping, side-stepping, forward, back, around, jumps, and a deadly Horse-Kung-Fu kick. Then when the show is over, you can go back to the stalls to watch the grooming and showering. If you’ve made friends with the groom, you can join in with a brush.

Alfredo Viñas

Distance from Malaga Airport: 11.8km

Denis Belgrado, 19, 1 , Málaga , 29015
+34 95 2601229
This important gallery centres its exhibitions on artists who represent the latest generations of new Spanish figurative art, with works by artists such as Pérez Villalta, Chema Lumbreras and Bola Barrionuevo. As a curiosity, some of their most basic sculptures include jewellery designed by the multi-talented Pérez Villalta.
The gallery has two spacious, carefully-lit rooms affording brilliant brightness. It is located right in the city centre, behind the well-known Plaza de la Constitución.