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    Dane County Regional Airport: 4000 International Ln, Madison, WI 53704

Dane County Regional Airport
Dane County Regional Airport


The Dane County Regional Airport is a civil and military facility that was previously named Truax Field, named after Thomas L. Truax, who was a native of Wisconsin and died in 1941 in a flight training accident in California. It is located nine kilometres northeast of the city of Madison, which is the capital of Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Army National Guard is stationed at the airport as well as the Wisconsin Air National Guard.

Recent Renovations

The airport was renovated in 2006 to double the size of the terminal building. The new terminal was built in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright with a prairie-style design and has been upgraded again with more parking, six new restaurants, conference rooms, Wifi, and an art gallery.

Terminal & Parking

The terminal is open from 4:00 a.m. until the last flight leaves. It is closed in the night for cleaning and maintenance. No overnight passengers are permitted. Parking is across the street from the terminal and there is an economy parking lot, which is a 10-minute walk from the terminal. Long-term parking is available in all the parking areas. There is short-term parking available in the ramp that is directly across from the terminal. The parking ramp has four levels with handicapped parking on each level. Parking for wheelchairs is at no charge, however, locks are needed. There is also a place for rental cars.

Cars parked on the curbside must not be unattended while the driver accompanies a handicapped passenger into the airport. The unattended car will be ticketed and towed. It is better to park in short-term parking and ask for Skycap assistance. For check-in there is Skycap and wheelchair assistance located between doors two and three for all disabled passengers.

Passenger Services

Skycaps can help these passengers to the ticket desk and through security to the departure gate. The airline needs to be informed at least 48 hours in advance for wheelchair assistance when arriving or departing. Wheelchairs are available inside door two for disabled passengers who have someone to help them. The terminal is easy to access for passengers in wheelchairs with wide corridors and elevators, open spaces and fully accessible restrooms.

All of the restrooms in the airport have baby changing facilities. There are also three unisex companion care restrooms. Two are on the first floor and one on the second floor. Two places have TTY phones for the hard of hearing available. One is inside door seven and one on the second floor at gate nine.

The Transportation Security Administration should be called if an item is lost while going through security. For items lost on a flight, the airline needs to be contacted directly. Airport administration should be called for any item lost inside the terminal. Lost luggage enquiries need to go to the airline customer service agent. The airport does not have lockers for luggage or other items in the terminal. All carry-on items need to be kept with the passenger. If luggage is left unattended, it will be removed and possibly impounded.

Restaurants and gift shops are on both the ticketing level and the concourse level of the terminal. There are two business centres on the concourse level as well as chair massage. First Aid is on the ticketing level as well as a greeters lounge. There are pet relief areas outside the terminal building.

Charter flights, aircraft rental and other general aviation needs are accessible at Dane County Regional Airport. Air ambulances are also available at the airport. Each ambulance flight has state-of-the-art medical equipment and doctors as well as other trained personnel. They are state licensed, FAA approved and ready 24 hours.